4 NEW SmartLace Styles from Jon Renau | Spring 2023 Expansion

4 NEW SmartLace Styles from Jon Renau | Spring 2023 Expansion

Pre-Sale Starts on March 20th
Items will ship after official launch on April 3rd

Jon Renau SmartLace Coming Soon

Jon Renau SmartLace Collection 

Embrace the comfort and convenience of Jon Renau's SmartLace collection with four new, synthetic styles. Each wig’s ready to wear lace front creates the illusion of a natural-growing hairline and offers options for easy off-the-face styling. The cap forms to each wearer’s head for a secure fit that feels like it’s been custom-shaped. Plus, maintenance is minimal thanks to synthetic fibers that can withstand washing and drying and still retain their flawless style. Choose from voluminous long layers, silky tresses that fall to mid-back, an angled bob or classic shoulder-skimming layers. There is a little something for EVERYONE!


Aria Wig by Jon Renau

Frame your features perfectly with this totally on-trend, long-layered style. Aria's layers amplify volume, well past shoulder length, for a flattering and luscious look. This silky-smooth, synthetic style achieves a natural-looking hairline and a light feel thanks to Jon Renau's SmartLace front and hand-tied, single monofilament top. 


Avery Wig by Jon Renau

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Embrace these fairytale tresses and endless styling possibilities with Avery. This long, cascading style is both captivating and convenient. While its silky strands fall to mid-back, this synthetic wig also offers wearers minimal maintenance and a secure feel with its SmartLace hairline and monofilament top.


Idalia Wig by Jon Renau
Stay chic and sleek with Idalia. This cropped wig is versatile, allowing wearers to adopt a sharpbob or a textured shag style. The choice is yours! Maintenance is minimal thanks to synthetic fibers, while the ready to wear SmartLace cap
creates a flattering and secure natural hairline.


Madison Wig by Jon Renau

From sun-drenched hikes to sophisticated soirees, Madison fits right in. This shoulder-length synthetic wig embodies casual elegance, with layers that create texture and volume. Enjoy a natural look and feel with the SmartLace front and single monofilament cap, which enables wearers to pull tresses into off-the-face styles.



What’s With All the Wigs? And What’s With the Dark Roots?

What’s With All the Wigs? And What’s With the Dark Roots?

Wig Shown Above NEW Alexandria by BelleTress in Butterbeer Blonde

Recently a friend asked me, as she was trying on my wigs, “why do you have so many wigs?” Since she is not an everyday wig wearer, she had many questions about my wig collection. I told her there were many reasons as I watched her look at herself in one of my short wigs, Ready for Takeoff by Raquel Welch. “But you can only wear one at a time,” she said as she admired herself in my wig. I took a deep breath and I tried to explain to her about the realities of wig wearing. She was also confused about what rooted meant and why anyone would want it.


I did my best to explain myself with the following:

  • We fall in and out of love sometimes, so they go back in the box for a while maybe and we want to try something new.
  • We like to try new colors and lengths.
  • We like different styles for different occasions.
  • Our tastes change over time, and then sometimes we re-discover older wigs and fall in love all over again.
  • Rooted colors present with a darker base color at the root and blend out to a lighter color. This can give the illusion of naturally grown out hair color. This color choice is a personal preference I explained and there are many other options.


Shaking her head thinking I may have been upset with her, she turned back to the mirror and smiled. “Oh, well I do look so different, and maybe bit younger,” she said as she looked back at me for confirmation.

“Yes, I think you do,” I told her, “But you’re not getting MY wig! However, if you want to wear it for a day or two and decide you'd love one of your own, I can help you order one from WigStudio1.com!” Then I had to give her a brief tutorial about wig care and how to secure it. By the time I was finished with my mini tutorial I knew she wondered if it was worth it. But hey, she was going to walk off with one of my favorite and not so inexpensive wigs. She would get this lecture and like it! 

I knew if I took the time to really explain things, my friend would walk away with a new understanding and appreciation for those of us who wear wigs, and she might decide to try it herself. She kept looking at herself in every available mirror as we finished the task we had before us. She might, just might, have been bitten by the wig bug herself.

As our opening of boxes, inspecting wigs, re-labeling boxes, and putting aside the ones I wanted to donate continued, she asked more questions. “Tell me about the caps, the fibers and the colors,” she said as she continued to hold up each wig to her face. I began to worry she may walk out with half my wigs. “But first, tell me about the rooted colors. When did showing roots become a good thing. I grew up coloring mine at the first opportunity.”

I don’t know exactly when the root thing started or why, but experts seem to agree that the best way to get the most natural look from a wig or topper is with rooted colors. Ideally, the process is all about the art of starting with a darker (and complimentary) darker root which gradually blends out into a lighter tone or color through to the ends. Well, some brands do this better than others. Also, there is a personal preference involved. For example, I don’t like and won’t wear the high contrast styles/colors that have the super dark roots and light blonde fibers/hair. But some like it and some wear it well.

In theory, the root color gives the appearance of re-growth from the scalp thereby making it look “natural” as it would if one had their hair colored or lightened.

Rooting is, no matter your personal preference, a bit tricky, especially with the blonde shades. Again, some brands seem to do it better than others. BelleTress is an example of a brand that has several rooted colors. Alexandria by BelleTress can be seen here in a rooted blonde as an example. There are so many blonde shades, it can be overwhelming to decide on one, and then add rooting or not-rooting to the equation, and it might take a long time to decide on a wig and wig color.

Most women do seem to consider a rooted blonde to be more natural looking. This said, others don’t like the idea of a dark root, and some often find the root to be too dark in contrast on some wigs (I am one of those).

The blending factor—what I love and so many others seem to as well, is that if your bio hair is darker than the lighter shades you love, having a dark root will allow you to pull out our bio hair on the side for a very realistic look. Any hair at the nape or if you put the wig into an up-do, will also be much better camouflaged.

As always, your opinion is the one that counts, and you are the one who must like the wig you choose. Everyone that I know has made a mistake are two, and we learn.

As lovely as some of those all-blonde wigs look on some (I have one in the closet that has never been worn), I can’t see myself ever giving up a rooted wig.

I am grateful we have so many choices in wigs, colors, styles, and that we have access to the wonderful instruction videos, and wig reviews on Wig Studio 1's YouTube Channel. I am so thankful for the reviewers and Wig Studio 1 Support who are always there to answer our many questions! 


It’s a great time to be a wig wearer!


Until next time,

Vickie Lynn

Vickie Lynn

March 15, 2023 — Vickie Lynn
Raquel Welch Wigs

3 New Styles by Raquel Welch

Raquel Welch Wigs
Check out the latest styles from the Raquel Welch Signature Collection! Twenty plus years of inspired styles. What makes them so popular? The best quality. The least effort. The most flattering. Just the look you’re looking for. A dream come true!
If you’ve ever dreamed of having a full curly mane, this spiral-curled layered bob designed by Raquel Welch is for you! Wear the natural spiral texture tousled and scrunched for a look that’s loose, carefree and oh-so-photo-worthy!

Click Click Flash Wig by Raquel Welch


 Fierce and Focused Wig by Raquel Welch

Make a subtle power play with this gently waved short crop. The fuller crown, snug bangs and sides, and tapered lengths exude an intensely chic and polished vibe. Style piecy or smooth and sleek, depending on your mood!

Fierce and Focused Wig by Raquel Welch
Captivating Canvas by Raquel Welch is a playful, multi-layered crop that is easy to wear and easy to style into a variety of different looks. Finger style for volume, bring forward onto the cheeks to frame the jaw line, or tuck behind the ears.
Let your inner-artist shine!
Captivating Canvas Wig by Raquel Welch
We are so excited to showcase these new styles by Raquel Welch from her 2023 Spring Collection! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at support@wigstudio1.com. 
Wishing you a great Spring ahead! 
March 10, 2023 — Andrea Carlson
“Why Wear a Wig Cap?” and Other Good Questions

“Why Wear a Wig Cap?” and Other Good Questions

Wig Cap Shown Above: Bamboo Wig Cap by Henry Margu

Why Bother with a Wig Cap?

That’s a question that I see and hear at least once a week. Like so many things pertaining to wigs and wig wearing…well, the answer can be the same. “It’s a personal thing” and that answer can sometimes be frustrating.

Let us look at some of the pros and cons and then decide:


  • If you have minimal to no hair a wig cap can give you a layer of comfort between your scalp and wig, especially a wig with wefts.
  • No direct contact with the wig material or fibers can help those with sensitive scalps as well as those with little or no hair.
  • For wig wearers with no hair loss, or minimal hair loss, the wig cap can help contain the bio hair so that the wearer is more comfortable, and more secure about their bio hair not showing.
  • Some wig wearers do not like the added layer on their heads and might feel it makes the scalp too warm. Some also feel that nylon caps can cause the scalp to sweat more than it would normally.
  • The other con that seems popular is that the cap can feel restrictive and cause headaches.

What is the Best Way to Secure your Wig?

This question is one of those “everyone has a favorite” answer. But it is true, there is no best way, there is only the way that works best for you. Each answer/solution has pros and cons, and if you need more expert advice, please consult the helpful employees at Wig Studio 1 support. They also have several videos about the many ways to help you feel more secure in your wig.

Here, I will list a few wig security options with a brief description of how they might work for you:
  • Wig Cap: As noted earlier in the blog, the wig cap has its pros and cons, and it all depends on your personal situation. Do you have all your bio hair? None of it? Or do you have hair and wonder how that will work with a wig cap?
  • Wig Grip: I believe the grips have gotten better over the years. Now they are made with better adjusters in the back, and that are also thinner and easier to lay flat. They also now have lace front grips that line up with the front of your wig, giving a seamless look. This is such a great idea. I have heard some say the grip gives them headaches, but I think that may be due to incorrect adjustment. However, some people may just be prone to headaches, and this could be a factor. I know a lot of people that love their grips.
  • Wig Tape: This is just like it sounds. You use tape strips to secure the wig. It is a double-sided, medical-grade, sticky tape that you place on your skin. It can be removed with an adhesive remover or rubbing alcohol simply by dabbing it along the hairline.
  • Bobby Pins: The easiest and quickest solution. If you have a well-fitting cap, this seems to work great; all you must do is slide a pin above your ear on each side and put one at the nape if needed. This will only work if you have enough bio hair to pin it to, so that is the one drawback.
  • Other things: Roll on adhesives that are similar to tape. As well as metal clips or silicone strips sewn in or roll that can help keep the wig from sliding.

Each of us will find the best thing for ourselves with a bit of trial and error. I go with the bobby pins mostly though I am thinking of getting one of the new grips now since they have improved so much.

In conclusion, do not get discouraged or frustrated and give up on your wigs too soon. You will find the right wig style, color(s), and ways to secure it if you just give it some time. I promise.

Until next time,

Vickie Lynn


March 02, 2023 — Vickie Lynn
Fenix by Rene of Paris

New to Wig Wearing? You Are Not Alone.

Wig Shown Above: Fenix by Rene of Paris | Milky Opal R

Wig or Topper? Synthetic or human hair? Wefted cap or hand-tied? Yes, these are just a few of the many questions that all new wig wearers ask themselves, when beginning their journey with alternative hair. If you are like me, you have, most certainly, drooled over a human hair wig or two. Early on in my wig journey, I bought one. As with anything, there were pros and cons to the choice I made. While I did love the human hair wig, I was not sure it was the one for me. I often had to wear that wig ten hours every day. The care, the cost, and time to style, all came to weigh heavier on the con scale due to my circumstances then. After learning more about synthetic fibers, and a lot of experimenting with several different brands and cap types, I finally settled on the wigs that work best for me.

We all have different wig priorities. If you have little to no hair, or sensitive scalp, the wig cap construction will be very important. If you can’t stand wig bands, clips and pins, the kind of cap and the way it fits will play an even larger role in your choice. For me, the less on my head the better, so a good fitting cap is very important to me. The better my cap fits, the less security measures I feel the need to use. I can go out without any extra wig securing accessories when wearing my Muse, for example. It happens to be a perfect fit for me. If I am wearing it to the dentist, I might put a decorative bobbie pin in on each side. This holds my hair out of the way and keeps my wig steady on my head while I am in that dreaded dentist chair. But if you have an in-between size head, and can’t find that perfect fit, you will need to make decisions about how to best secure your wig. I, personally, use more security when I know I will be outside for any length of time, or if I am going to a special event where I know it won’t be a simple task to adjust my wig in public.

We all know by now that we get what we pay for. Getting a hand-tied cap with a mono-top and lace front will cost you more because it costs the manufacturer more to make. That’s easy to understand. And ideally, you’d think everyone would want or need this. But that is not necessarily the case. Many wigs, with a basic cap, can work well for many people. A lot depends on the wig style. Is the style one that doesn’t really have a part and may have bangs? In that case, a mono top and lace front may not be necessary for some. Also, for the same price, you can often get two or three of the basic cap wigs compared to maybe just one of the wigs with all the bells and whistles. That is appealing to a lot of people, especially if you wear a specific style more frequently, or if you just like to change styles a lot.

All fibers are not created equal. This too, you may have already learned. Some look and feel better and seem to last longer than others. Every manufacturer seems to do them a bit differently, as well. They have their own vendors, processes, and crafts people. Human hair wigs are just that, so we all know how to take care of human hair, and the pros and cons of this. It is when you get into different fibers, such as synthetic or heat -friendly, that it can become more of a challenge. Over time, the coating of the fibers, the color, and strength of the fibers will change. Factors such as, how much you wear your wig and how you care for it, can shorten, or lengthen the life of your wig, but eventually the fibers will show their age and wear, just as well all do.

Decisions that will be made next, and we must decide, do we want the best of the best, the middle of the road, or some less costly ones that will do the job just fine? Fortunately, we can have one of each if budget allows. I doubt I will ever return to human hair wigs. This is just as a personal preference combined with my definite lack of styling skills and patience. I seem to have landed in the middle of the pack with lace front, mono-top and hand-tied wigs, as my preference. However, a basic cap is not a deal breaker if I can have the other two features. I still have a couple of basic cap wigs that I bought early on and can still wear but I now find them hot and scratchy because I have lost more hair over time. My scalp is more sensitive now as well, and I have to be picky about my caps more than ever it seems.

The little extras are important. I like to get a wig with soft ear tabs and an extended nape, along with the ability to adjust the fit. In the end we all find our sweet spot. We must decide what we can live with or what we hope we don’t have to live without, as the case may be.

Here, I have linked a video about hand-tied caps that you might like to watch. To book a free consultation, with one of our Personal Hair Consultants, who can show you how to measure the circumference of your head and help you find your best fit, visit us at Wig Studio 1 Support.

Until next time,

Vickie Lynn

February 17, 2023 — Mackenzie Silva
Applause Wig by Raquel Welch

What are Your Wig Expectations?

Wig Shown Above: Applause by Raquel Welch

How do we deal with false expectations? The best way is to be honest with ourselves. Is our face too round for that style that we love so much on the model? Is our neck shorter than the model’s and therefore, making the wig longer on us, perhaps hitting us farther below the chin then we would have liked? Does that long hair on the model, so appropriate for her face shape, make our face look as if it is dragged downward? Does that pixie style on the model with the cute petite face make our larger and/or rounder face look even more so? What about color? Do we know our best colors or are we open to making a few trial and error purchases?

Reality—that is the thing most of us want—we want to look as if we are not wearing a wig, so that means we need to wear the style and color that suits us best. We want people to look at us and see us, not see a wig. As to age bias, it is not to say that no one over a certain age should rule out all longer wigs, or certain styles, not at all. We just need to be comfortable with what we will look like in those lengths and styles.

As you have likely heard or read, it is important to see real people in these wigs and that is why I always encourage everyone to look for the wig that you like on every available media outlet. See it in different lights and on different people. Get the model’s photo out of your head and try to see how it will look on you. You can see lots of different styles and faces on the Wig Studio 1 YouTube Channel

We know more than we realize. We all know that our face changes with age. Our skin color even changes as pigments fade, and the muscle tone in our face is less defined. We have that to deal with, along with the development of creases and wrinkles. But a good wig choice can make all the difference in how you look.

Yes, the first time out of the house with your first wig can bring you to your knees. No matter how good you think you have secured it, how good it feels, or how good you believe you look in the style or color, you begin to doubt. Doubts lead to fear, and fear leads to paralysis. Remember that most people are too busy worrying about what they look like or what they are having for dinner, or if they need to lose ten pounds. So, the sooner you can get out there and go about your life in your wig, the better. It will just become part of you, and one day you won’t think about it at all. You’ll just be glad you look so nice and that it didn’t take an hour to fix your hair.

My favorite go-to wig below:

Muse Wig by Raquel Welch

Until next time,


February 09, 2023 — Mackenzie Silva
Muse Wig by Raquel Welch

Afraid to Try Wigs?

Wig Shown Above: Muse by Raquel Welch

There are many women still on the fence, I’d bet. There are those who have been trying to get by using various methods to make their hair loss as undetectable as possible. There are those who have been wearing toppers and now find they are not working for them anymore. There are several things to worry about. Which wig is best for me? What about the style, the color, the cap size…and the cap itself? Must I get heat friendly for it to look realistic? Can I deal with a wig with no mono top or mono part? Do I need a lace front? And what about permatese? Can I cut bangs in the wig? How do I wash it, dry it, thin it out, store it, and keep it looking good? You see what I mean when I say endless.

The good news is that there are people who have gone down this path before you and have left you a wealth of knowledge to save you some worry. If you have gotten this far, to be reading this, you are likely familiar with the great customer service at WigStudio1. There isn’t much they don’t know about wigs and wig care. Between their amazing customer service and the fabulous wig reviewers they work with, you are in good hands.

Among the many things to consider, you need to think about your skin tone (and under tone), and face shape. The idea is to make the most of your personal attributes by picking hair colors and styles that flatter your face shape, and their skin tone.

A sad fact is that our biological hair thins, fades, and gets more brittle as we age. But we have wigs to help. Our skin color and tone also fade, and we can’t stay stuck with the same hair color, hair styles and makeup colors at 50, 60, and beyond that we had at 20 or even 30. Though styles and cuts will come and go in and out of fashion, what is always in fashion is a good style for YOU, and the right color for YOU.

As always, there is the long hair issue. Yes, of course, you can still wear long hair after 40, 50, if it is the right style/cut for you and your face shape. The best thing to remember is that long, straight hair can drag the face down, especially in older women. If you have a long neck too, it’s even more of a challenge. The experts tell us that adding some waves or curls around your face and lightening up the hair around your face can make a big difference.

If you were blonde for years and now you think “too blonde” is not for you or that the color looks unrealistic or harsh for your age, go with a wig that has highlights around the face instead of an all over blonde. As for bangs, the experts say that side-swept or wispy are usually the best for older women.

Layers are little miracles, I hear. Not only do they give the hair/wig more body and life, but they also give you more styling options. Don’t rule out the classic bob or pixie cut. If you have the face shape for it, go for it. They don’t drag the face down, they look youthful, and are easy to work with and style.

In the end, it all goes back to one thing: wear what makes you happy. And if you learn what works best for you, and you like the way you look, you will be happier. Can the right wig style and color make you look ten years younger? I can’t guarantee that, but I’d almost bet on five at least. That’s what I was told when I shortened my styles and lightened my colors. I’ll take it.

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge. There are so many beautiful wigs just waiting for you. And there is so much help at Wig Studio1 to help guide you through the process so that you can make the best decision for your particular needs. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of their expertise.

Also, tune in to all the many helpful videos that are made just for you. You can pick up tricks and tips, learn about everything from how to measure your head to the difference is wig caps, and everything in between. Also, you get to see how to put on and take off wigs, and what many of the wigs look like on a real person rather than on a model on the website.

Until Next Week, Vickie Lynn (in my favorite grab and go wig, Muse by Raquel Welch in Shaded Cappuccino.)

January 25, 2023 — Vickie Lynn
What I Wish I’d Known Before Buying My First Wig

What I Wish I’d Known Before Buying My First Wig

(Wig shown above: Kenzie Wig by Noriko)

When I first started wearing wigs, making them last longer was not even on my radar as something to think about. I was busy thinking about how I looked, if the wig would fall off, and did I buy the right color and style. It was around wig number two that I started thinking about all the other things—the difference in fibers, cap construction, and how to style wigs to make them work better for me. In other words, I was getting over the fear and into the basics. 

Here are the things I had to learn along the way. I hope that if you are a new wig wearer, having the information here all together will help you and save you time and frustration.  

  • Understand your wig cap’s construction: Is it hand tied, machine wefted, lace front, mono top, mono crown, mono part?  
  • Respect Your Fibers: Read any manufacturer’s care instructions or do a search to find out how to care for your wig fibers. Fiber composition makes a big difference in how to care for your wig. Human hair, blended (human hair with synthetic), heat-friendly or not—they all have different needs.  
  • Use the correct brush or comb: It’s helpful to get into the habit of combing through your wig after taking it off. Gently (and with the appropriate comb type) remove any tangles. Smoothing and separating the hair fibers before storage will not only keep your wig looking its best, but it will be ready for wear the next time without worry. Always comb in small sections, slowly, starting at the ends and moving toward the crown. Careful of pulling too hard. You don’t want to unknot any fibers from the crown. 
  • Store Your Wig with Care: Everyone seems to have their own method. If you rotate your wigs a lot, keeping them out and on wig heads/stands is fine. If you have too many for that, you can store them in the box they came in, be careful to make sure the fibers are not twisted or out of shape if you will be storing them for longer periods. Some people hang the from pegs or similar setups. If you are using boxes, remember to store them so that you can read the name on the box for easier access.  
  • Watch that heat, please: This is always a scary thing the first time you try it on your wig. Remember that synthetic hair does not respond like human hair. Start with the lowest temperature that is advised rather than the highest. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to high temperatures will shorten the life of your synthetic wig or topper.  
  • Don’t over Wash! Washing your wig, especially over time, will cause some shedding and a slight loss of density, no matter how gentle you are. Everyone is different, and you can adjust the when-to-wash rules to you based on several things: how many hours a day your wear the wig, does your head sweat, and how many products do you use, to name a few. If you take the wig off and can smell the wig cap, that’s a clue. If your fibers seem to be sticking together, that’s a clue. If your fibers look dull and lifeless…yes, a clue. You get the idea. Use good judgment, and with the idea in mind that the more you wash, the shorter the lifespan. Use Silicon Based Products (and other products) On Your Wig, sparingly. Over time, the use of any product will cause a buildup that can result in a lifeless, dry, and flat look. A thorough washing is the only answer.  
  • Don’t Sleep in Your Wig: Both static and sweat cause frizz, often resulting in tangles which will result in damaged fibers, and so on. It’s not worth it.  
  • Don’t Wear Your Wig to the Gym: No matter how cute that guy is at the gym that you want to impress or how much more attractive you feel with your wig on in general, think twice. If you must wear a wig, set aside one wig, maybe one that is shorter, and aging, one that you only wear for this one thing. Otherwise, opt for another type of headgear. 
  • Don’t Wear Your Wig in a Swimming Pool: The chemicals in the water are not your wig’s friend. Invest in a head wrap, or bathing cap, or if you do go in and don’t plan to get your wig wet at all…. but you do, rinse it out immediately and condition it lightly, letting it air dry overnight before trying to comb through.  


Your Wig is an investment, both financially and emotionally. With a little thought and care, it will last you a long time and help you look your best along the way. 


Until next time, have you seen all the new Gabor wigs? I have my heart set on Trend Alert.

Vickie Lynn (wearing RW Crowd Pleaser in shaded cappuccino)


Get Rid of the Wiggy Look!

Get Rid of the Wiggy Look!

(Wig shown above: PREORDER | Timeless Wig by BelleTress | Mono Part)

Do you suffer from wig-itis? No matter what you do, you still think your wig looks fake. This is most often a new wig wearer’s affliction. We are so used to seeing our fine, thin hair, that the wig just seems like too much hair. And to be honest, sometimes it is. Some styles and brands seem to pack a lot more “hair” into their wigs than any real person would ever have. This is where a bit of skill comes into play. I have no such skill, so I depend on my hairdresser to do a bit of thinning and shaping on some styles. Some think the permatease is the problem; that it makes you look as if you have a ton of hair on top. But some permatease does work for some styles and gives the wig lasting shape to support the style.

But then, we have an additional issue. Are you frustrated because no matter what you do, your wig still looks a bit fake? This seems to be a major concern, and for obvious reasons. You don’t want to spend the time and money on a wig to have it announce to the world that it is…a WIG.

In this case there are several things to consider. We can’t expect a cheap wig to look as good as one with all the bells and whistles. We do get what we pay for in more ways than one. A good quality and well-made wig can make all the difference in how real they look and how long they last. We have all come to expect that a human hair wig will look more realistic. We know that a lace front and mono top can give our wigs a more realistic look, depending on the style. We know that synthetic wigs can be helped if we tamp down that shine and choose rooted colors. We know to look for blended shades of color because flat colors scream fake.

And back to our original issue…density. For most of us, especially if losing our hair was a drawn-out process where we got used to thinning hair, any wig might look like too much hair at first, and that takes a while to get used to for most people. If a “real” look is a big issue for you, then time as well as money is a big player. We know that we can’t expect to pull a wig from a box, put it on our head, and have it look very realistic, in most cases. We must take time to customize the wig for us—our head shape, our coloring, and learn which styles suits us best. This includes seeking professional help like a hair stylist to maybe trim, thin, cut bangs if needed, and in general, shape it up to suit our face, if needed.

Some other issues in wig wearing that sometimes get overlooked or thought about too late are: wig fit (cap size), wig placement (does it sit at the natural hairline?) and wig security. Did you prep your bio hair if needed and find a method of securing the wig that is comfortable for you? Trial and error, and time will help with this.

In the end, we get back what we put into our wigs. They are an investment, so it’s worth learning all that we can to make them look great and last a long time.
Sometimes it is hard to be objective as we stand there looking in the mirror. That’s where a professional stylist comes in. Your mom, best friend, partner, etc., might not be the best person/people to ask when it comes to picking a wig color and style—for obvious reasons. A stylist has no, or at least little, emotional investment, and it’s her or his business. They do this for a living. Trust the experts.

Until next time, wishing you all a happy holiday season. Break out that new wig and show off a little.

Vickie Lynn

Does Wig Wearing Damage Bio Hair?

Does Wig Wearing Damage Bio Hair?

(Wig shown above: Anemone Half Wig by WigPro )

These are the considered opinions mostly agreed upon and what my own dermatologist told me. 

 1. Will constant wig wearing inhibit or permanently damage your bio hair? 

 Wearing a wig will not inhibit hair growth. The cells that allow hair to grow will still be able to function underneath your skin while wearing a wig. If you are worried about damaging hair that is growing back out underneath your wig, wearing a wig cap can help to protect the hair that is growing in. 

 2. Will the continued use of adhesives cause my bio hair to break or cause permanent loss? Maybe. 

 Some people use heavy duty adhesives when applying lace front wigs, and it is not uncommon for hair loss to occur with the repeated use around the hairline. The combination of irritating adhesives and tension on the hairline can cause damage, with receding hairlines occurring as an undesirable—but not uncommon outcome. 

 3. What can we do to help prevent damage to our bio hair and scalp? 

  • Massage your scalp. Having a wig sit too tightly on your head can cause the blood flow to your scalp to be reduced.  
  • Take your wig off before bed. Most doctors and wig experts recommend that you do not sleep in your wig – it can cause tension on your hair and cause breakages, tangling, clumping and other undesirable outcomes. 
  • Shampoo your hair--regularly. The key to healthy hair (and scalp) is keeping it clean. You don’t want your wig sitting on a dirty, oily scalp. Bad for your wig and your scalp and bio hair. 
  • Don’t forget your bio hair (see above). It might be that you choose to wear a wig all day, every day. However, we can’t assume that we don’t need to trim our own hair or care for it as well as before the wig wearing days.  
  • Avoid putting damp hair under a wig. Having damp natural hair under a wig is not only extremely uncomfortable, but can also promote the growth of nasty bacteria. 
  • Be careful when braiding your bio hair. Braiding can be an easy way to keep your natural hair out of the way under a wig. But be mindful of your technique. (Constant tension/pulling can damage fibers). 
  • Your bio hair can continue to lose moisture just like before. So, moisturize and condition your bio hair if you notice your hair feeling dry after wearing your wig. To combat bio hair or scalp dryness, try using hair oils, which can penetrate well, or other treatments you might prefer to restore its moisture and good health. 
  • Give your hair and scalp a break. If you have natural hair under a wig for a long period of time, it can be good to give your natural hair and your scalp a break for a few days from time to time. 

In summary: 

  • Wearing wigs brings its own challenges. While it is tempting to put our bio hair “on hold” and forget it longer than we would have before, that is a mistake.  


  • Anything we repeatedly do that causes friction will have a result: Including a poor fitting wig, too tight of a wig, bands, and twisting and braiding (if done poorly). 


  • The constant friction combined with adhesives can take a toll on the hairline. Try different ways of securing your wig so the hairline is not constantly irritated by the adhesive and tension.  


In conclusion, 


Take care of your bio hair, scalp, and wig…and you will continue to look fabulous!  


Until next time, 

Vickie Lynn 

Shades of Gray?

Shades of Gray?

 So many women that I’ve talked with or heard from lately are saying that they are ready to give up the coloring processes and learn to love their hair the way it is now. Often that means a form of gray, silver, or white hair. The situation with wig wearers is a bit different. We can change our color any time and with little fuss. But the same desire might still be there. How can we make such a drastic change with ease? 

Shades of silver, gray, or white don’t have to mean “old” or mean any age. However, the challenge seems to be learning how to make that change. If you have worn a brunette wig for five years, should you just turn up one day in a lovely gray or silver wig? What if you’ve not shared your wig journey with others who see you every day, should you have a transition color/wig? There is no one answer to that question. It all depends upon your comfort level. Fortunately, there are resources to support any decision you make. 

If you do decide to “just go for it” get help if you think you need it—learn what brands carry the wig styles and cap construction that you prefer if you are new to wigs. If you already know all about caps, styles, brands, and what works best for you, then you are ahead of the game. All you need to decide is if the colors you are considering are found in the styles that you like…or is it time to re-visit other styles that might have colors that you love? 


Tips from the professionals about choosing a color/shade and style: 

  • Go for a soft color, and one with dimension. Nothing screams “fake” like a flat solid root-to-tip color with no variation. 
  • Color should always be multi-tonal, especially as you age. That is true for blondes as well.  
  • Remember, in most cases, we lose a “plumpness” in our faces as we age. The styles that looked good on us at thirty might look a bit harsh now. Example: a too-blunt bob, close to the jawline and with no layering can be a very severe look. 
  • Go for a layered style, and one a little below the jawline. 
  • Tone—is so important, and wig wearers must learn how to care for their wigs to protect the wig’s color/tone. 

If we must look at new styles to find the colors we like, there is that question again: Short or long as we age? This is the question that never goes away. Ask yourself if your style makes your face look younger or older. Does the too-long hair pull the face down? Would you look better with a shorter, more face-flattering style? So many people get caught up in the look of the wig on a model—we need to be interested in how the wig looks on us with our face shape, and our coloring—huge difference.  

 Don’t be afraid to claim your color—and don’t be afraid of shades of gray! Try different shades/tones and get help if you need it. There are in-between colors that you can choose, but often the salt/pepper colors age us more than a lovely silver or white. It’s all about shade/tone, color, and style.  

If you had rather take the plunge more slowly, there are some lovely options. Ellen Wille Smoke Mix and Pearl Rooted are lovely, and Raquel Welch Silver and Smoke, Iced Granita, and Silver Mist come to mind.  

Skin Tone! We must not forget that our skin tone will play a big role in how we look in these shades of gray, silver, or white. Yes, it is ever important as we age because our skin tone changes. Know your skin tone as it is NOW and that will help you key in on colors/shades that will look best on you. For example, if you have a cool skin tone you likely already know that ashy colors, shades of honey, beige, and gray work well for you. Just remember, the tone and color gradient, and dimension are the keys for gray shades just as it is for any color. Flat equals fake.  

I am reminded of two in particular that I have recommended before when writing about the fear of going gray. Just two of my favorites. Notice the dimension, and the shadings. No flat, drab and lifeless look with these!   




Until next time, here I am thinking that I might go gray…maybe silver.  


Vickie Lynn  

How to Pick the Best Wig for You

How to Pick the Best Wig for You

To get the most out of your wigs, it is important to know how to choose them, and how to care for them. Here are a few tips from wig-wearing experts like some of you: 

  • Find a wig color that matches your skin tone. Treat the wig color just as you would picking a color to enhance your bio hair and general look. If you were a blonde before and you know that blonde is a good color for you, it might help to stay in the blonde “family” when buying your first wig. You can branch out as you go and learn more about what wig colors are available.  
  • Don’t spend a lot of time worrying about your wig slipping or falling off when there are so many securing options: Tape, clips, glue, caps, grips, and so on. Find what works for you.  
  • Make the wig YOURS. I can’t stress this enough do not think you will be able to pull the wig from the box, put it on your head, and love it unconditionally. It rarely happens. Please watch the many helpful videos WigStudio1 supports and remember to take advantage of the great consultants they have standing by to help. 
  • Know your head size, and know that though wigs are mass made, you can find ways to achieve a good fit with a bit of work. You will find that some brands fit your head better than others. You will learn which cap construction types suit your head and your comfort level best.  
  • Don’t be afraid to personalize it. You can wear clips/barrettes and other things to change your look to fit your mood or outfit. 
  • Appreciate the good stuff about wig-wearing:   
  1. You can change your look in minutes.  
  2. There are no more bad hair days. 
  3. There are no more minutes or hours in front of the mirror trying to hide your thinning bio hair. 
  4. You can try a new style and color without a costly long-time commitment as with bio hair.  
  5. Wigs can help you through recovery from an illness or be a daily friend.  
  6. Save your bio hair from repeated heat, coloring, or bleaching.  
  7. Freedom! Change your style, your color, and your look. Wigs are great! 

Tips to help you get more wear out of your wigs:

A human hair wig doesn’t receive the oils and vitamins from the scalp like your natural hair would keep it rejuvenated after styling and daily life. So, remember to wash your human hair wig with extra attention and be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This goes for heat appliances, blow-dryers, shampoo, conditioner, and the right comb and brush. Remember the individual strands of hair are attached to the cap. Overuse of heat, over-conditioning, etc., can loosen the knots.

A synthetic wigs, especially heat-resistant ones, can look as natural as a human hair wig when you care for them properly. Again, think about heat, correct care products, and wash only when needed.

Wig rotation is a great thing! Not only do you get to leave the house in perfect hair and different styles or colors if you wish, but their life will prolong if you rotate your wigs and wash them less.

And a reminder: Improperly putting your wig on or off can damage the lace front, over-stretch the cap, and might loosen your fibers. Treat your wig with care. Also, storage is crucial, especially when traveling and long-term storage. Make sure they are stored properly.

Wishing everyone a great holiday season!

Vickie Lynn