I received my new Sage today and I want to thank you and everyone involved. You provided the best customer service I have ever received and I am very grateful. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend!



Well. I thought my recent purchase of Preston was the best thing since sliced bread, until I received Ellen Willie's Turn. Omg I'm in love. Out of the box looked pretty good. Today I fixed it up to my liking and now cannot wait to wear it out.
I am just so pleased with product and price point at WigStudio1.
Many thanks from a very happy customer!



Thank you all so much. I always appreciate the wonderful service.



Thank you guys so much for my last two orders. You have a customer for life. Alopecia and the health issues that cause mine feel like such a curse sometimes, but companies like yours make it easier because I know I'm going to get quality hair at prices I can actually afford with no scams involved. You allow YouTube commentators to use your products to show us the different wigs and help make a hard decision less difficult. That's so kind. I am truly grateful for your work. What you do is so important to women like me. Thank you x1000.



I am over the moon right now with appreciation for Wig Studio 1’s customer service. Many many thanks to Racquel for her help. I purchased a wig back in the spring after deliberating on the color for over a month. I was thrilled when I got it and my focus was on the color - I had already purchased and loved the style ( Sky ) so I knew I’d love it. After a couple times wearing I noticed the fibers at the forehead were not coming all the way to the edge and it was horrible - especially when I realized it wasn’t a matter of playing with it to get it to lay properly. I think I even posted here about it. Well needless to say I didn’t wear it and I was so disappointed about it. I decided to try one last ditch effort and I thought I’d see if WS1 had experience with this and could tell me how to remedy it. It never dawned on me that I might be able to return after I manipulated it and added concealer to try to hide the problem. I sent pictures and Racquel contacted the manufacturer. They are sending me a new wig!!!! Thank you thank you thank you Racquel and WS1 team!

Ann B.

Oh wow!! Unbelievable!
This is why wigstudio1 is the absolute BEST!!
See it pays to buy wigs from you. Not only do you get to have beautiful hair, you also get rewarded. Love you guys!
Thank you so much. 


You guys are truly amazing!  Yes within minutes of my request, actually!  And I just received an email my shipment is already on its way!  I will always order from Wigstudio1.  Your company is so much more than sales.  You are hairloss lifelines and so full of compassion and understanding!  Thanks again!


I just purchased my first wig from you and I Am so delighted. I love Gabrielle by Jon Renau. And the color Malibu blonde is perfect for me. 
 I would like to thank Jenny for all her help. I was quite nervous and had many questions.  She made my first wig buying experience go very smooth. 
I am already perusing your website for my next purchase.
- Rita
Until I found WigStudio1, I was lost in a sea of companies that simply wanted to sell helper hair to me. There are many. Yet none that I found then or since has had the customer care, relationship, and a true integrity to help me to find the absolutely perfect solution for MY personal wig needs, even at times when I was unable to spend a great deal of money on a wig. The truth is that with enough money, anyone can find something that works for them..WigStudio1 can help people in those arenas, too. However, where they truly excel is when tasked to find the perfect piece in spite of a client's physical or budgetary limitations. Or when an illness makes wearing a wig unbearable. They understand, as hairloss sufferers themselves, specifically what the client needs, from emotional support, to wig cap feature styles, and more. But they dont just have great product at all price points at WigStudio1. They have a profeasional and comprehensive YouTube Channel loaded with all of the resources you'll need to succeed in your transition to helper hair. And then there is the community! Their private Facebook Group, "WigStudio1 Wig and Topper Support Group" now has nearly 10K wig sisters who work together and collaborate to sharenideas and product knowledge as well as emotional support and sisterhood during this emotional time. Members can sell used wigs, watch live videos with WigStudio1 partners, and they even have a live weekly sales event that has tripled in participation since starting it up just this past Autumn 2019. It is a positive space devoid of negative or snarky commentary that, if it makes its way to the group, they swiftly remove any trace, protecting and safeguarding their community with the passion and love and integrity we have grown to expect and cherish in our WigStudio1 family. Right now, with the Coronavitus challenges, WigStudio1 has fought to keep things "business as usual" for their clients, cheerfully pushing on, being involved, addressing our needs and concerns, and working tirelessly to keep WigStudio1 "business as usual" at this time. I have had very few issues with an order, but when I do, I've received the very best and kindest care immediately, with accuracy and a kind word. 
I would never ever even consider shopping elsewhere. Thank you, Andrea, for all the hard work and sacrafice it took to create thia amazing community of trust, support, sales, and resources to make wearing helper hair a positive, life-affirming success for us all.
- S.K.
Thank you for all you do, everyvday, with so much love.

Wigstudio 1 has the best customer service. They walk you thru the how to measure process, recommend different wigs and help with color choice.

- C.S.

I love wigstudio 1 from the styles to the support from other women ! A great site to purchase from and a safe place to fall when life is difficult as well as uplifting.

- J.B.

Andrea has been fantastic to work with! She's extremely knowledgeable about all types and brands of wigs. She's also very patient whenever I'm torn between several wigs I like, as I'm very picky. I'd also like to mention, she's a great supporter and compassionate of all women regardless of their reasoning for hair loss. Her entire team provides top notch customer service! Will not order from anywhere else!

- A.D.

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the best customer service I have received in my online purchasing history - so patient, understanding, quick to reply (& act) and ever so helpful.  I definitely would consider you first before anyone else when a need for your products arises in the future. 

 - E.D

Just want you to know I appreciate all the time and effort you put into resolving this issue and when it comes time to order again, I will contact you. Not many companies show so much concern in helping their customers. I was impressed. Thanks again and enjoy the holidays!!!

 - Cheri

Andrea, my goodness, you are wonderful! I can honestly say I have never received such great customer service! I'm so excited! These hair pieces are so great, but expensive. You have just made this Southern lady very happy & very thankful! Thank you, Thank you! 


Very pleased with the overall experience and will gladly purchase over and over again from this company.


Just wanted to take a minute and let yall know what a awesome company wigstudio1 is. I ordered my 2nd blaze by estetica Sat. Night and wasnt paying attention and my discount code wasnt added at the end. Totally my negligence. I was so exited to be ordering and didnt pay attention. Anyway I immediately sent Andrea an email and explained. She immediately responded on a weekend😮😮😮😮 was reimbursed the 30% immediately. Also had my new Blaze by Wed. Just an amazingly kind and very professional buisness. All these ladies are just the best of the best. If you ever need any hairpiece I highly highly recommend wigstudio1. You will not be disappointed. Thankyou so much Andrea.

- S.E.

I ordered the stop hi tech Ellen Wille. LOVE this wig and the service has been fast and professional. I new to wigs so called them for some info and they have been VERY helpful, as I an new to and nervous about wigs. They helped a lot.

- R.H. has the best customer service and I have always received my orders within a week! Love these ladies, they care and it shows 😘

- C.S.

Another thumbs up for Wigstudio 1. I offered a Jon Renau wig on Saturday. Monday night I got an email from Raquel saying it was backordered until March 11. So I went and looked at the colors and decided there was one other color I would like. I was going to call to see if it might be available in that color. Before I had a chance to call, I received a call from Bren. She checked and in the end I got my wig in the mail today. I really appreciate the great customer service and how helpful and friendly everyone is. I love my new Jon Renau Mariska and so does my hubby.

- P.S.

Wigstudio1 has always been great to me. They are helpful and honestly want you to be happy. They take their time with you and you can send it back if it just isn’t for you. You won’t be sorry if you buy a wig there!!

- C.M.