Three New Styles | Alexander Collection by Rene of Paris

Three New Styles | Alexander Collection by Rene of Paris


This beautiful new long hair style is a much have, both sleek and chic Harper has a middle part with very long layers around the front of the style, and long shattered layers through out the back giving movement and flow.


Avalon, is definitely one to watch, this gorgeous center part lace front long wig, with a curl pattern to die for, would be right at home on a red carpet event of even slightly brushed/teased and would be beach wave ready. Avalon simply oozes Fair.



Amara is really the top of the crops!! This new style has brought a modern twist to the much loved "pixie cut" by adding a long side stylish fringe, with the machine-made cap always making sure the texture and body look the best with minimal effort.


This new color from the Alexander couture collection is amazing, taking all of today most modern toning and blending techniques to create a truly unique platinum blend. From the mid cool beige brown root softly blended into white, platinum and smoked ivory stands which transcend into white tipped ends.





False Expectations – Why Don’t I Look Like the Model?

False Expectations – Why Don’t I Look Like the Model?

A lot of us are guilty of looking at a wig model—lovely, great skin, good bone structure, and all the rest, and thinking, if only briefly and subconsciously…oh, this wig will make me look like that! I admit to doing that a little at the beginning of my wig adventure. Of course, we know that as beautiful as the wig might be, it is not magic. But I mention this because I know it can so easily cloud our judgement when picking out the best wig for ourselves. We get that picture of the model set in our head, and when we get the wig home, put in on, and there we are—not the model, and we can be disappointed. We do/will learn to buy the wig that is best for us eventually, but it can be frustrating along the way.

How do we deal with these false expectations? The best way is to be honest with ourselves. Is our face too round for that style that we love on the model? Is our neck shorter than the model’s and therefore making the wig longer on us, perhaps hitting us farther below the chin then we would have liked? Does that long hair on the model, so appropriate for her face shape, make our face look dragged downward? Does that pixie style on the model with the cute petite face make our larger and/or rounder face look even more so? What about color? Do we know our best colors, or are we open to making a few trial and error purchases?
Reality—that is the thing most of us want—we want to look as if we are not wearing a wig, so that means we need to wear the style and color that suits us best. We want people to look at us and see us, not a wig. As to age bias, it is not to say that no one over a certain age should rule out all longer wigs, or certain styles, not at all. We need to be comfortable with what we will look like in those lengths and styles. If we feel confident, we will look confident; and that can make a huge difference in how people see us.

As you have likely heard or read, it is important to see real people in these wigs. That is why, I always encourage everyone to look for the wig they like on every available media outlet. See it in different lights and on different people. Get the model’s photo out of your head and try to see how it will look on you. Your experience will be a better one with a bit of pre-purchase planning. What are your expectations? It is important to come to terms with that, and eventually you will.
In the end, it is all about being honest with ourselves and combining what we like with the reality of who we are. We all know that our face changes with age. Our skin color even changes as pigments fade, and the muscle tone in our face is less defined. We have that to deal with along side the development of creases and wrinkles. But don’t despair, a wig can make all the difference in how you look. You likely know that by now or will soon if you are new to wig wearing. The trick is finding the right wig for you and just you. Who cares what the model looks like or anyone else?

I want to wrap up with a bit about fear. I don’t care who you are, how beautiful or accomplished, or how secure you are—the first time out of the house with your first wig can bring you to your knees. No matter how good you think you have secured it, how good it feels, or how good you believe you look in the style or color, you begin to doubt. Doubts lead to fear, and fear leads to paralysis. Just know this—most people are too busy worrying about what they look like or what they are having for dinner, or if they need to lose ten pounds. In other words, we are pretty busy caring about ourselves. No one is going to be thinking about wigs—but you.

So, the sooner you get out there and go about your life in your wig, the better. It will just become part of you, and you won’t think about it again. You’ll be glad you look so nice and that it didn’t take an hour to fix your hair.

In the end it is all about you and your situation and life, so what you decide about the first time out with a wig is very personal. Everyone must tackle this one for themselves and make the best decision for their circumstances. Have you just been dealing with thinning hair and feel that you can wear a wig and won’t get a lot of notice from friends and colleagues? Or will the wig be such a change that now you must prepare for comments, questions, and how you want to address them? Think this through before your first time out the door. Two of my go-to wigs below:

Until next time,
Vickie Lynn


CrazyWigLady's Blog Henry Margu Skylar 16H

CrazyWigLady's Blog Henry Margu Skylar 16H

Hi and welcome back to the CrazyWigLady blog here at Wigstudio1! I am so happy you stopped by the blog today to have a look at this adorable style from Henry Margu, Skylar in the color 16H. I know the weather is cooling off but I still love a fun pixie in the cold weather just as much as I do in the hot summer. One reason is during the cooler months we wear lots of layers, coats, sweaters and scarves, many longer styles will rub against my clothing causing the ends to fray a bit; but a pixie will stay looking great throughout the winter months. Skylar is part of the Henry Margu Naturally Yours Professional Collection and is available in around 25 shades. If you are looking for a nice blended blonde you might like 16H, this is not a chunky highlighted style but more of a blended ash blonde with wheat highlights.


Skylar has a short 2 inch nape, the bang is 2.5, top 2 1/4 - 3 3/4 inches and the back is 1 3/4 - 3 3/4. The nape on this style stays snug to the neck with no lifting.

 Here are a couple more views of Skylar showing the color 16H.

This style is just begging for some piece out cream or styling spray to create some fun texture and separate the fibers. In my opinion these styles are worn best messy and fun, spike it up, put a small clip in the front, add a headband, make it your own! 


Above are some photos of 16H in outdoor lighting. Again, this is an ash blonde with wheat/blonde highlights. (The website describes the highlights as platinum however my eye sees more wheat than platinum). Also, if you find the fibers too shiny a bit of dry shampoo will help as well as washing. 

 Above are a few photos of Skylar in 16H in indoor lighting. Now let me show you the beautiful cap construction on Skylar.

How beautiful is this cap? Look at that large mono top and the contoured lace front, there is a hand tied section and open wefting. This cap has it all! I found this one fit me a tad large, I have a 21 1/4 head circumference but can use the adjusters to get a great fit. These mono tops are wonderful on short styles, I love to spike up the front and you can basically spike up the entire top of this without fear of any wefting showing! Thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me today on the blog, I hope you enjoyed this short review of Henry Margu Skylar in 16H, if you would like to see my full video review you can click here. Also, please follow Wigstudio1 on Instagram, we post twice daily! Thanks again for joining me and I'll see ya next time!



October 12, 2020 — Eileen Franklin