CrazyWigLady's Blog Henry Margu Skylar 16H

CrazyWigLady's Blog Henry Margu Skylar 16H

Hi and welcome back to the CrazyWigLady blog here at Wigstudio1! I am so happy you stopped by the blog today to have a look at this adorable style from Henry Margu, Skylar in the color 16H. I know the weather is cooling off but I still love a fun pixie in the cold weather just as much as I do in the hot summer. One reason is during the cooler months we wear lots of layers, coats, sweaters and scarves, many longer styles will rub against my clothing causing the ends to fray a bit; but a pixie will stay looking great throughout the winter months. Skylar is part of the Henry Margu Naturally Yours Professional Collection and is available in around 25 shades. If you are looking for a nice blended blonde you might like 16H, this is not a chunky highlighted style but more of a blended ash blonde with wheat highlights.


Skylar has a short 2 inch nape, the bang is 2.5, top 2 1/4 - 3 3/4 inches and the back is 1 3/4 - 3 3/4. The nape on this style stays snug to the neck with no lifting.

 Here are a couple more views of Skylar showing the color 16H.

This style is just begging for some piece out cream or styling spray to create some fun texture and separate the fibers. In my opinion these styles are worn best messy and fun, spike it up, put a small clip in the front, add a headband, make it your own! 


Above are some photos of 16H in outdoor lighting. Again, this is an ash blonde with wheat/blonde highlights. (The website describes the highlights as platinum however my eye sees more wheat than platinum). Also, if you find the fibers too shiny a bit of dry shampoo will help as well as washing. 

 Above are a few photos of Skylar in 16H in indoor lighting. Now let me show you the beautiful cap construction on Skylar.

How beautiful is this cap? Look at that large mono top and the contoured lace front, there is a hand tied section and open wefting. This cap has it all! I found this one fit me a tad large, I have a 21 1/4 head circumference but can use the adjusters to get a great fit. These mono tops are wonderful on short styles, I love to spike up the front and you can basically spike up the entire top of this without fear of any wefting showing! Thank you so much for spending a few minutes with me today on the blog, I hope you enjoyed this short review of Henry Margu Skylar in 16H, if you would like to see my full video review you can click here. Also, please follow Wigstudio1 on Instagram, we post twice daily! Thanks again for joining me and I'll see ya next time!



October 12, 2020 — Eileen Franklin