Does your wig slide like butter on a skillet? Does every head movement you make turn your wig over like a pancake? Yet, a size down is too tight? It could be you need a wig grip! 

Our “STAY PUT WIG GRIP,” by JON RENAU is, “created to secure and prevent your wig or headwear from slipping.” The elastic velvet fabric with thin adjustable backing creates a comfortable fit, while the lace top area makes a seamless section for your wig’s part. Check out its features below! 


Wig Grip

How do I properly use a wig grip?


Follow these instructions below, and your wig will grip-like- syrup on a placemat in no time!


Step 1: Place the wig grip around the back circumference of your head. It does not need to meet your hairline exactly. Instead, push the grip slightly behind the hairline. Be sure to keep the lace at the top of your head. Then ensure the grip meets up with your wig’s part. As shown in the picture below.

Step 2: Adjust the the elastic band at the back. Be sure it fits securely and comfortably to your liking.

Step 3: Again, be sure to keep the lace at the top of your head. Then place your wig on your head, over the wig grip, and adjust the wig until it's settled in place.

Step 4: Once your wig is on and settled it's time start the day. One pancake at a time! 

For more information about wig grips or any other wig related questions please email us at We are here to help!



Ramona Mellison



R, J. “Stay Put Wig Grip: How-To.” Jon Renau, 16 Apr. 2021,




Fixing Fringe Flop

There are many things that can flop in life of which we have no control, however, when it comes to bangs flopping in our face, this video/blog has come to the rescue. For our subject, I have chosen Miss Macchiato HF by Belle Tress in Roca Margarita Blonde. You will need the following:
Patience, a wig head to place your wig on other than your own, 2 to 3 mesh rollers, T-Pins, and a steamer. Optional: Blow dryer, rat-tail comb, and end papers.

Needless to say, this is demonstrated on a wig that has been freshly washed and conditioned for this presentation. After securing your wig, simply section off one front fringe at a time, and carefully roll it up in the mesh roller, you may use end papers but this is not necessary. Proceed to the other side of the wig depending on the style and desired re-direction. Secure the rolled-up sections with T-Pins. Following this, plug in your steamer, I recommend using distilled water or spring water, and when the steam emits you are ready to direct the steam to the rolled-up sections for approximately 5 to 7 seconds. This can be repeated later if necessary. Be careful to avoid the lace front and concentrate the steam only on the fibers. This process can be utilized on both Heat Friendly and Regular synthetic fibers.

The most important point here is the fact that most of the work is done during the cooling down process so I would recommend leaving it to set for a few hours or overnight. If you are in a hurry you can utilize the blow dryer method. Use the low setting on the blow dryer and please take into account that this also needs to dry completely until cool to the touch. If the roller is disengaged prematurely it will not be set.

I hope you enjoy the accompanying video demonstration with the goal of seeing the light at the end of the fringe flopping tunnel.

FYI: I am wearing Kendall by Henry Margu in 10/613GR
Both wigs were purchased by creator from Wig Studio 1 (Clearance Section).

Michele Pearl