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I am so proud to introduce you to the members of our team that go the extra mile for our customers everyday!
From our customer service team, to our regular reviewers, guest reviewers and returns specialists, thank you for your efforts!
You are all amazing! xoxo - Andrea
Andrea Carlson | CEO
Janine Holder | Financial Controller
Racquel Sharp | Operations Manager
Taz Yeley | Social Media Manager | YouTube |
Taz's Wig Closet @ WS1
Eileen Franklin | Social Media Manager | Instagram | Reviewer | YouTube |
Crazy Wig Lady
Marlene Thompson | Social Media Manager | Facebook | Reviewer | YouTube |Marlene's Wig and Chat Studio
Ramona Mellison | Media Marketing Manager 
 Tuesday Howard | Customer Service Supervisor 
Dana Rippey | Vendor Manager
Sunny Sager | Vendor Manager
Amy DeWitt | Customer Service Supervisor
Jenny Zimny | Senior Personal Hair Consultant
Ashlie Bailey | Personal Hair Consultant
Brian Bailey | Personal Hair Consultant
Abbigail Lopez | Personal Hair Consultant
Ally DeWitt | Personal Hair Consultant
Elijah Lopez | Back Order Specialist
Sharon Osborn | Personal Hair Consultant
Brandi Hay | Personal Hair Consultant 
Anna Lewis | Personal Hair Consultant 
Jessica Morris | Personal Hair Consultant
Ella Broussard | Website Content Manager
Caitlin May | Returns Department Manager
Sammie Phan | Shipping Manager 
Chase Huehl | Returns Specialist
 Christi McDaniel | Personal Hair Consultant | Reviewer | YouTube | Wiggin' with Christi 
Trista Riker | Reviewer | YouTube | Trista's Tresses
Denise Sheets | Guest Reviewer | YouTube | Hey Wig Sister
Monika McGillicuddy | Guest Reviewer | YouTube |
Monika's Beauty & Lifestyle
Michele Rubin | Guest Reviewer | YouTube | MichelePearl
Kristen Cone | Guest Reviewer | YouTube |
Krissy's Wig Room
Angela Chan | Guest Reviewer | YouTube | Angela’s Silver Linings