It’s Summer—Post-Covid awakening Let’s Re-Invent Ourselves Post-Covid

It’s Summer—Post-Covid awakening Let’s Re-Invent Ourselves Post-Covid


As we all ease back into more “normal” days…it’s time to put on a new look to celebrate it! It’s party time, graduations, weddings, and just fun get-togethers in our future. Why not put the “regular” you on the sidelines for now, and step out in a new you—a more glamorous you?

I don’t know about you but when I drag myself out of bed and get into the shower, I feel anything but pretty, much less glamorous. But when I come out of the shower, (if I don’t stare too hard into the mirror) I feel that I can once again tackle the world. That gets me through, and I’d bet it is the same for you. We feel renewed and revived, and the same feeling comes over me when I get a new hairstyle/wig, a new outfit, or shoes. It’s fun to get and try new things, and for at least a few minutes, hours, or days, every time we put on or see that something new, different, we feel better.

Life is tough sometimes, and we all have our issues, some more difficult than others. But experience has taught me that we really do live one moment at a time. It is the culmination of all these moments that make up our memories. I like to look back and remember that I had moments when I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new. For me right now that means trying new kinds of exercise, a new kind of eating (intermittent fasting), and a new look. I want to walk by the mirror and stop for a second look because I look like myself, but not exactly. Maybe I look better, just a bit different. I want to liven myself up a bit, put a little glamour back in my life, a little romance (in looks if not in fact), and value my individual moments a little more.

I recently had to force myself out of the yoga pants or leggings, find my makeup, try on outfits, and wonder what had happened to my old self. As I prepared for a writers’ conference with real people (in person!), I saw myself through new eyes. After turning around in circles and lamenting the fact that I looked like I’d been in a cave for years, and that I liked nothing in my closet, I decided to do something that I hadn’t done in years. I splurged on myself and went to a spa for a facial, manicure, and massage. Emboldened from this new happy-me-high, I went on to my favorite department store to find a new outfit. Feeling like a new person, I went home with my “new self” and realized there was only one thing missing—new hair! I pulled my newest wig, Raquel Welch’s, In Charge out of my closet. It was a little blonder than I’m used to, a bit longer, and with a fuller look than I normally wear. But it was the absolutely perfect new look for me. Could I pull this off? I know how that sounds to any of you reading this and wondering what’s the big deal—so what if the wig was a bit different than the usual, I know you are thinking. But to me, it was a big deal. I had spent a lot of time in shorter hair, and kind of blah but efficient outfits, thinking this was “just fine” and who cared if I looked anything but “just fine” anyway?

I should have care. I should have paid more attention to how the things I wore made me feel. I should have cared that when I took the time to wear things that made me look better that I felt better. When I wore wigs that suited me better or made me look younger, current, and put together, and no pun intended, “In Charge”—the feeling filtered down through my entire day and everything I did. I had been hidden from the world during Covid and now that I was re-joining it, I had to look at myself differently. More importantly, I had to CARE about how I looked, felt, acted, and interacted with others now, and I needed to decide what that person would look like to the world. What we put out into the world—words, deeds, looks, attitude, all get reflected back to us one way or the other.

I wanted to put out good things and get good things back so along with my attitude shift, I had to shift my view of myself, and realize that it is not selfish to spend time on myself—the way I look, feel, and care for myself.

Yes, I re-invented myself for one occasion, but those people won’t ever know that. They will think that I looked that way all the time—that I’m confident all the time, and I can almost believe it too. Kicking myself into gear for this one event re-started my life again as I ventured back into the post-Covid world.

I urge all of you to care for yourselves too, every day and in all areas of your life. One of the easiest and fastest ways to change our look is with a new wig. I am now brave enough to step outside my comfort zone and try wigs that I thought were “too long, too blonde, too glamorous” and see the possibilities.
Summer is here, so go new, go pretty—
Until next time, look at these options!

Vickie Lynn


Ellen Wille Blues Silverblonde Rooted

Ellen Wille Blues Silverblonde Rooted

Hi and welcome back to my blog here at Are you looking or a fun super low density style, then you might take a look at Ellen Wille Blues!  Read More…
February 07, 2021 — Eileen Franklin
CrazyWigLady's Blog Tressallure Lana Frosty Blonde HL

CrazyWigLady's Blog Tressallure Lana Frosty Blonde HL

Hi and welcome back to my blog here at! Have you ever had a wig that you thought was great but yet you never hear anyone talking about it or see many reviews on it? Well this is that wig for me! First, if you have watched any of my reviews on my YouTube channel, CrazyWigLady, you know I love Tressallure wigs, I think they make some of the most beautiful fibers and lace fronts in the business! These fibers are like silk, they look and feel so natural. I have reviewed this wig for my channel in a different shade, to see that review click here. I asked the ladies at Wigstudio1 if I could review this style for the Wigstudio1YouTube channel because I wanted you all to see what a great style this is, I will link that video at the end of this blog. 
The style of Lana is a feminine layered style that is out of the box perfect, just throw it on and go! Lana has a 4.5 inch fringe, a crown of 5.25" and a 3" nape and it weighs 2.4 oz. I can't express enough how soft these fibers are, truly a super natural feel. The color Frosty Blonde HL is shown below in outdoor lighting.
This color is highlighted with pearl platinum over shades of dark and medium honey blonde. The highlights are concentrated a bit heavier around the face which I always enjoy, they light up your face.
The cap construction consists of a lace front and left mono part; there is some permatease for lift but I did not find it overwhelming. 
Lana has closed ear tabs, velcro adjusters and is open wefted for coolness. 
Below are a few more photos of Frosty Blonde HL, as you can see the highlights are placed beautifully. 
If you would like a short, sassy, fun style keep Lana in mind. Please join us in our private Facebook group, Wigstudio1 Wig and Topper Support Group. Also, please subscribe to our YouTube channel as we upload almost daily! I will insert the full video review of this style so you can see all the wonderful features of Lana! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog, check back often as I usually post two to three times a month! 
January 02, 2021 — Eileen Franklin
CrazyWigLady's Blog Tressallure Angled Bob 27/30/33H

CrazyWigLady's Blog Tressallure Angled Bob 27/30/33H

Hi and welcome back to my blog here at! This year, 2020, has been a challenge to all of us, in so many ways all our lives have been altered. I promised myself that this would be the year I would take on new challenges, I would try new things and embrace them; well that included trying new colors and styles of wigs! If you follow me on my YouTube channel you know that in the past I mainly reviewed blonde and grey shades, I changed all that in 2020. I have always admired people who could wear red hair, I love the deep richness or the vibrant hues of red shades, so I decided to give them a try. I can now say I am completely sold on red hair, I have been trying and reviewing reds most of this year and love this Tressallure, Angled Bob in the gorgeous color 27/30/33H.
I have grown to love bob styles and own many, they just seem to work for so many face shapes and can easily go from day to night by just adding simple hair
accessories. Angled Bob is made from heat friendly fibers so make sure to keep your styling tools under 320 degrees. 
Don't forget that wigs work great with hats!
The cap construction for Angled Bob consists of a lace front that extends into the ear tabs, it is open wefted and has a non extended nape with velcro adjusters. In my opinion Tressallure has stepped us their game with the lace fronts; I have had several of the new styles and all the lace fronts have been beautiful!
The specs form Angled bob are, bang 5 - 7.5, crown 6.5 - 7.5 and a 2" nape.This color 27/30/33H, is such a vibrant red, I loved it the minute I put it on! Below are some outdoor photos of this color!
Now let me show you this color indoors. Keep in mind many times the colors seem brighter indoors due to the lighting that is required to make our videos, that is why I think it is so important to show you the color in both indoor and outdoor lighting! This color 27/30/33H is described as an auburn blend highlighted color. The color codes tell us that 27 is a strawberry blonde, 30 a light auburn and 33 a dark auburn; so this is indeed a beautiful blended color! Also, Angled Bob is available in around 22 shades.
Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today here at, please see all the Tressallure styles available on our website. If you would like to see a full video review of this style please click here. Also, please join us in our private Facebook group, Wigstudio1 Wig and Topper Support Group. Be sure to check back here often for more fun blogs!
December 07, 2020 — Eileen Franklin