Hi and welcome back to my blog here at Wigstudio1.com. Are you looking or a fun super low density style, then you might take a look at Ellen Wille Blues! One of the first things I noticed about this short style is it has a nape that is a bit longer in length, 2.75; this is a nice feature if you have longer bio hair on your neck and require more coverage. This chin length style has lots of layers and by adding just a tad of styling cream you can easily create some fun texture. 

Many times these styles have permatease, this one has minimal to no permatease giving it a very sleek look. You can also create natural movement in these styles by really getting your hands into the style, pull the fibers away from the cap so they move more freely. 

So many people ask me about styles with bangs, I personally love bangs and I am always on the lookout for these types of short styles. Blues has a fringe of 3.5 inches, the sides are 4.5" the crown 7.5" and of course that 2.75 inch nape. 

The color Silver Blonde Rooted is described as blended shades of medium honey blonde, light ash blonde and dark roots; the roots have a reddish brown tint giving this color depth. Below are a few photos in outdoor lighting.


As you can see the color is ashy as well as having medium honey blonde running throughout creating more dimension. This style provides good coverage for me, I have a 21 1/4 inch head circumference, keep in mind Ellen Wille styles are petite/average fit and this one fit me snug.

The photos below were taken indoors.

Indoor lighting shows the depth of color, especially the honey blonde that runs throughout the style as well as a good look at the rooting.


This style looks adorable with a headband, you could also add a clip or any other fun hair accessory. 

 Blues has a basic cap with a mono crown, this mono crown is larger than the others I have seen; this feature provides the look of hair growing out of the scalp. 

Blues is a fun out of the box style that works for all ages.

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I will link the full video review for this style below, be sure to see all the videos on the Wigstudio1 YouTube Channel. Until next time, remember we're all in this together!



February 07, 2021 — Eileen Franklin