Califia Wig by BelleTress | Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair | Average Cap

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Care Instructions

  1. WASH with Belle Tress" Salon Wash Shampoo and cool water. Swish gently, never rub, rinse and pat dry with a towel. Air dry completely on BelleTress" Collapsible. Stand, never on a solid head block. 
  2. CONDITION Apply BelleTress" Salon Coat Conditioner and style. 
  3. FINISH with BelleTress" Salon Hold Holding. Spray if needed.

BelleTress Care Instructions

Color Chart

BelleTress Cafe Collection Color Descriptions

Bombshell Blonde

Golden brown root with a blend of white, pure blonde and satin blonde.

British Milktea

British Milktea features a medium to darker root color and a mixture of 8 different tones of browns and blondes to create the perfect milk tea color. This color is extremely versatile, spanning across ombré styles, mixing warm and cool tones from root to tip and more subtle all-over hues.

BrownSugar SweetCream

Just imagine the color created by mixing dark, medium, and light brown sugar and lightly whipped sweet cream with a hint of buttermilk. They work wonders to provide depth, dimension, and contrast for a head-turning look.

Butterbeer Blonde

Medium brown root with a blend of sandy blonde, ash blonde and light blonde.

Cappuccino with Cherry

A blend of cappuccino dark brown and deep bronzed brown, highlighted with red mahogany and chocolate cherry.

Cayenne with Ginger Root

This color is a mixture of off-black and darkest brown rooting, with a blend of cayenne, burgundy, red mahogany, and chocolate cherry.

Champagne with Apple Pie

Light brown blonde root with mixture of ash blonde, lightest blonde, pure blonde and light neutral blonde.

Chocolate with Caramel

Cappuccino dark brown root with a blend of medium and chocolate brown.


This color features a cappuccino brown root with gradual mixture of 30% gray, 10% gray, and white at the tip.

Coconut Silver Blonde

A mixture blend of silver, pure, cool, ash and coconut blonde with a platinum blonde highlights

Coffee without Cream

A blend of espresso coffee bean, darkest brown, and the hint of deepest rich caviar.

Cola with Cherry

Cappuccino dark brown root with a blend of dark chocolate brown, mahogany and chocolate cherry.

Cookies N Cream Blonde

Our newest addition to the Café colors. Rooted with a mixture of light brown and medium brown (cookies), the modern new cool blonde is a blend of light ash blonde, platinum blonde, and pure blonde, accented with an icy natural blonde (cream), creating a beautiful, original, and dimensional, modern blonde.

Cream Soda Blonde

This color is a blend of sandy blonde, ash blonde, and light blonde, with a gradient color from the roots to the tips but has an overall feeling of being a soft beige tone. The highlights and lowlights of color cream together provide dimension but not a lot of contrast.

Dusty Rosa

Dusty Rosa combines pink and violet for a rich and elegant hue and a mixture of ash blonde and pure blonde highlights. The root is a combination of light and medium brown, blended with a cool-toned dusty rose.

English Toffee

A blend of medium chocolate and Tuscany rich brown with light auburn highlights.


A blend of cappuccino and dark chocolate brown.


This light steel shade features a charcoal base with cool undertones, and a touch of slate and quartz to create a beautiful shine under light and features a mixture of medium and darker charcoal root color.

Honey with Chai Latte

A blend of sienna brown and cool medium brown root with mixture blend of honey blonde, light blonde, smoky blonde with a hint of pure blonde.

Iced Lavender Latte

The natural caramel medium brown roots and seamless blend of lavender pastels, lilac, and ice create a delicious, sweet, iced lavender latte.

Marshmallow Blonde

A mixture blend of platinum, pure, and satin blonde with marshmallow blonde highlights

Mocha with Cream

A rich darkest brown root with a blend of dark chocolate brown and cinnamon along with milk chocolate, cool blonde and light blonde highlights.

Nutella Buttercream

A blend of medium chocolate brown, cinnamon, milk chocolate, cool blonde, and light blonde highlights. Nutella is made with chocolate and hazelnut. Just add a little bit of buttercream! 

Ocean Blonde

Ocean Blonde is created with a combination of eight blondes and eight blue tones to give you an upscale, salon-made color experience. The rooting is a medium to light mixed brown. 

Purple Rain

Purple Rain is a deep, subdued monarch purple with an indigo undertone. The root is a combination of light and medium brown, which continue as an undertone throughout the body. A beautiful mixture of violet, boysenberry, lavender, plum, and a hint of magenta creates a mystical and upscale color of purple rain.

Red Penny

This color features a mixture of medium and light brown rooting, and the blending of golden copper, rosy copper, and apricot. Red Penny is very vibrant and attention-grabbing, so be prepared for all eyes to be on you. 

Roca Margarita Blonde

Medium and light brown root with a mixed blend of silver, pure, fresh, ash, and coconut blonde with platinum blonde highlights. 

Rootbeer Float Blonde

This color reflects a blend of light pearl blonde, ash blonde, beige blonde, champagne blonde, and a hint of platinum blonde, with a light brown and medium brown blend at the root. 

Rose Gold

A beautiful shimmering blend of blondes and pink, with a soft light brown root.


The perfect fruity summer beverage inspired us to create BelleTress Sangria reflecting all of the fruit colors as highlights with the undertone of red Sangria. Sangria is rooted with a mixture of rich red, deep burgundy, and dark chocolate colors.


A mixture of lilac, amethyst, orchid, Iris, and a hint of blended pastel purple and lavender with medium and light brown root color as an undertone throughout.

Strawberry Shortcake

This color features natural dark roots and a seamless blend of pink pastels, blush rose, and fuchsia.

Sugar Cookie with Hazelnut

Rich dark chocolate root with a blend of golden blonde, honey blonde, natural medium blonde, and pure blonde highlights.

Sumptuous Strawberry

This color features a hybrid of pure red, strawberry blonde, a hint of paprika, and honey, with some copper undertones and medium brown roots with honey blonde hues.

Tres Leches Blonde

Rooted with combination of light, medium, and dark brown to create the natural root color. Dimension is the key word since Tres Leches Blonde hair creates a lot of depth underneath and a brighter, blended top section.

Vanilla Lush

A blend of honey blonde, gold blonde, light blonde with lightest blonde highlights.


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Virtual Catalog

Califia Wig by BelleTress | Mono Part

Califia features a unique look because of the edgy, blunt-cut, beachy wave bob style. The difference is in the detail creating a precise cut at the bottom of the style, unseen in any of the current beachy wave styles.

  • Color Shown: Butterbeer Blonde | Roca Margarita Blonde | Iced Lavender Latte
  • Collection: Café Collection
  • Fiber Type: Heat Friendly Synthetic
  • Special Features: Creative Lace Front | Mono Part
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Dimensions: Side: 11" | Nape: 4" | Back: 11" | Overall: 11"
  • Weight: 4.1 oz