Welcome back to the CrazyWigLady blog here at Wigstudio1.com. Looking for an affordable pixie, this one is just that and so much more! Toni Brattin Salon Select in Medium Blonde is the blog for today. I've had the opportunity to review a few Toni Brattin wigs and I find myself sending people to the website to look at them all the time now. These are great first wigs, everyday wigs, and styles that work for so many people. It's no secret that I love pixie cuts, I wear them all year, in the summer they are cooler and in the fall and winter months I like them because they do not rub against my collar so I get a lot of wear from these kinds of styles.
The color medium blonde is a nice color with golden blonde and light blonde highlights and a dark root. I'll insert some photos of this color in outdoor and indoor lighting. Keep in mind these are heat friendly fibers so you could straighten this style or add even more waves, just keep you styling tools under 350 degrees.
The cap construction of Toni Brattin Salon Select is basic, there are no "bells and whistles" on this style, however that is what makes this great! If you are new to wigs and don't want to break the bank on lace fronts, mono tops, etc, this is a perfect place to start as this price point is excellent.
Above you can see the basic cap, there is some permatease to add lift. Salon Select has open ear tabs and is open wefted. The back has an open extended nape with velcro adjusters. Salon Select is also available in a large cap. Honestly, I have more basic caps than I do lace fronts, I have always enjoyed basic cap construction. For me they are so easy to throw on and get out the door, these are my "go to" styles for weekends, etc.
I found Salon Select easy to style. I try to find as many ways to style short hair as I can, its a hobby for me. I love to buy inexpensive hair accessories and style my pixie cuts in different ways. I have lots of head bands, whenever I see them on sale I try to pick up a couple as I know I will put them to good use. It never fails to amaze me how a simple head band can dress up a look or make a style more casual. Also, clips and barrettes are fun ways to change things up as well. 
Be sure to see all the Toni Brattin styles at Wigstudio1.com. If you would like to see the full review of Salon Select from my YouTube channel, I will link it below. Thank you so much for joining me here on the blog, be sure to check back often as we upload new blogs and also go to the Wigstudio1 YouTube channel, we are adding new videos almost daily. Until we meet again remember, "We're all in this together"!
September 04, 2020 — Eileen Franklin