Hi and welcome back to my blog here at Wigstudio1! Let's have a look at Jon Renau Posh in Toasted Marshmallow 27T613F. The style of Posh is an angled bob which is so popular and on trend, I have seen so many angled bobs over the past year or so, they work for so many face shapes. Posh can be worn sleek and professional or mess it up for a more fun casual look.
I love packaging! Posh comes packaged as above, it had a hair net and tissue paper was inside the cap to help maintain its shape.
First let's talk about this color! 27T613T also known as Toasted Marshmallow is a very popular Jon Renau shade, and by the way, this style is available in around 38 colors! Jon Renau describes toasted marshmallow as a medium red/gold blonde blended with pale natural gold blonde and pale tips and a medium/red gold nape. This shade does have strawberry blonde running throughout as well as some really warm blonde platinum shades and lots of gold (in my opinion). If you would rather have a rooted color you could easily add a root by using some root spray. 
I will insert some photos of this color in indoor and outdoor lighting.
Now let me show you the inside of the cap. 
I have heard some people refer to this as a micro lace front; there is a polyurethane strip along the front which is perfect if you like to use wig tape. I love this large mono top which provides parting options, it is very soft and gives the illusion of hair growing out of the scalp. 
Posh has open ear tabs, glasses can be worn through these tabs however, I don't find that comfortable, I always wear my glasses over my ear tabs. The cap is open wefted making it comfortable and breathable. 
The nape of Posh is felt it is extended and there are velcro adjusters.The specs for Posh are bang 7.5", crown 6.5", sides 4.5" and a short 2 inch nape, Posh weighs only 2.4 oz.
If you have read any of my previous blogs or watch my YouTube channel you know that I love styling short wigs. Posh has a perfect bang length for pinning off the face, wearing a headband or it can just be left down and swept across the face.
I hope you enjoyed this blog, check back often for more blog entries! Also, be sure to got to the Wigstudio1.com website for more photos and descriptions of this fun bob. I will link the video for this style below in case you would like to see more about this wig. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I'll see you next time and remember "we're all in this together"!
September 02, 2020 — Eileen Franklin