Wig Shown Above: Kade Wig by Noriko in color Milky Opal Rooted

   Days and weeks go by, and we are perfectly happy with our wigs and how we look in them. Then for no reason we can name, one day we look in the mirror and think, is it time for a new look? Suddenly your look, that wig you loved—well, it’s ho-hum. Also known as, maybe it’s time for a change. No, there’s nothing wrong with your wig or your look. But sometimes we just want something new.

   We all know this happens in all areas of our life. We often become tired of our clothes long before we have gotten a lot of wear out of them. We want to try new paint colors in our homes and change out that furniture in the living room, and so on. So, why should we be surprised that we sometimes need a change of hair style and/or color?

   Changing your hair/wig style and color is so much easier and less costly than getting new furniture or a new wardrobe, of course, but it can be just as anxiety producing, or more so. How do you decide what to try next? Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone? Or if you are like me, is now the time for something new but nothing too drastic? \

   The great thing about wigs, and especially buying a wig from Wigstudio1, is that you can get a lot of help before you make the big decision to buy a new wig. Between the Wigstudio1 Facebook group and input from staff, you can learn about first-hand experiences and likely see a picture or two of how that wig looks on a real person not with studio lights, or a model picture.

   For me, seeing other wig wearers, and learning about their experience with certain brands and styles has been most helpful. The wig reviews on Facebook and on the reviewers YouTube channel are invaluable. Take advantage of all these resources because it might make your decision easier.

   In the end, no matter how many reviews you see or pictures you look at—the decision will be yours. Sometimes it helps to just give it some time, and to do more looking around. It might be helpful to ask yourself what it was about your current wig or wigs that appealed to you in the first place. We should ask ourselves what it is exactly that we would like to change. Is it color, style, cap construction, or maybe all of this. Once we have a clear idea what it is we want to change, it will help us narrow down our options. Otherwise, making impulsive or emotional decisions can be costly.

   One of the great things about wig wearing is the ease with which we can make changes to our looks. I know what colors and lengths look best on me, and when I want to branch out, I normally go to something in the same color family, and just change the style/length. This too can sound boring to some maybe, but I know myself and what I like. I also know that I have two wigs sitting in boxes in my closet I will never wear because I made an impulsive decision one day. But I also have a couple of wigs in boxes that I have recently re-visited and wondered why I had not been wearing them more.

   Moral to the story, we do get bored, but we can also change our preferences. Though I know I will never wear the blonde wig with too much gold in it, I will very likely wear two other wigs I had put aside for reasons I can no longer recall. Don’t let yourself get into a rut with your style or color. Just do your homework. When you are ready--change it up with confidence! Life is short!

   Me in one of my change-up styles, Raquel Welch, “Crowd Pleaser” in shaded cappuccino.


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November 24, 2023 — Vickie Lynn