Wig Shown Above: Raquel Welch Black Tie Chic in color RL29/25

   Wig cap construction can be more important to some than others. If you have a sensitive scalp (me), no hair, or sparse hair (me), it can make a real difference in your wig wearing experience. No one can feel good, no matter how good they may look, if their head is hot, itchy, or if you are afraid the wig will come off in a stiff breeze.

   My first wig was from a wig salon/boutique, and it was hand-tied, mono-top, and lace front. Inexperienced me, I thought all wigs were like this…surprise! Yes, I had a lot to learn. As I went on in my journey, paying more attention to style and color and less to cap construction— at first, I found myself increasingly uncomfortable in any other wig caps other than my first with the hand-tied cap, mono top and lace front. Even though the wigs were more expensive and sometimes kept me from buying styles and colors I liked, to me it was worth it for the comfort.

   Fortunately, these days, there are a lot more wig options and plenty of comfortable caps that are not hand-tied. I have a few in my wig closet that I can wear, and I love. Usually, I choose these when I know I won’t need to wear it all day.

   Of course, nothing is perfect. A hand-tied cap can mean less air flow, not as much stretch in the cap, and this can be a challenge, especially in the summer.

   Not everyone has the same issues, and there are many people who can deal with all the different kinds of cap construction with no problems. I still have a dozen or so wigs in my collection with wefted caps, but they all have lace fronts, and most have some mono feature.

   The fit is the other challenge. My head is petite-average, and the Raquel Welch hand-tied wigs fit me almost perfectly in every wig that I have. They fit so well that I rarely wear any kind of added wig security like wig grips or adhesives. It’s a good thing because I can’t put anything resembling a chemical on my scalp. Because my wig fit is so great, the most I ever need to do is maybe add a bobby pin on each side when I go to the dentist.

  Now to go from wig cap construction to what we call a wig cap that goes underneath our wigs:

  • The benefits of wearing a wig cap: If you have a sensitive scalp, some find it helpful to have that barrier between wig and scalp. They seem to be most popular with those who have had a total hair loss. A wig cap can help cut down on the irritation of the friction caused when a wig moves around on the scalp. The wig cap provides not only comfort but the assurance that your wig won’t move around.
  • A wig cap is not just of those with no bio hair, however. They can also be beneficial for wig-wearers who have partial or no hair loss. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the cap also smooths out any unwanted lumps caused by natural hair underneath. This allows the wig to “sit” better and look more natural.
  • The downside of wearing a wig cap: One of the biggest complaints seems to be heat, making the head too hot. The other “biggy” is the cap feeling too tight and causing headaches after wearing for long periods.

   Wig Cap materials:  There are several—nylon, mesh, cotton, and bamboo. The cost is low to moderate for caps and worth trying several to see what works best for you. Also, check out the bamboo liners that can help with comfort and that absorbs sweat to make wig wearing more comfortable, especially in the summer.

   Must we wear a cap? No, and in fact, I do not ever wear one. While a cap can offer some security (and comfort) in that your wig might stay in place better, it is not meant to solve all your wig security problems.

   Wig Security: As most experienced wig wearers know, there are many ways to secure a wig. There are clips, tape, glue, and grips. How you use these, if you use these, is a personal decision based on your preferences, comfort level, and need. Most wig-wearers that I know have experimented with several methods. For the new wig wearers, you will find what works for you too, it just might take a bit of experimenting.

   There is nothing better than stepping out into the world knowing that you look the way you want to look, and not worrying about your hair. With a bit of experience and time, you will come to appreciate the advantages of being able to never have a bad hair day. You can change your hair style, color and your total look in minutes. Wigs are so well done these days that most experienced stylists can’t tell the difference unless they examine your head. I have done other blogs about making your wig look realistic, and our reviewers have great information videos on this topic as well. If you have a problem, or a question, you are likely to find the answer on at least one of Wigstudio1’s many resources.

   Until next time, check out WigStudio1 Facebook page, and other blogs on this site.

   May you look forward to the holidays knowing you will look the way you want to look, thanks to great wigs!

Vickie Lynn

December 01, 2023 — Vickie Lynn