Introducing Jon Renau's  2022 SmartLace™ Lite Collection—Our newest light hair-density styles with ear-to-ear lace front and an ultra-lightweight cap design. The non-slip silicone nape ensures a snug fit while polyurethane ear tabs allow for the most flexibility. Jon Renau’s SmartLace™ just got smarter, more natural looking, and lighter. 

Now, let's meet Carrie Lite - Petite, Cameron Lite - Petite, and Miranda Lite.

Carrie Lite - Petite

Carrie Lite - Petite, Jon Renau’s best-selling shoulder-length bob, gets the ultimate upgrade to achieve a new level of luxury with a SmartLace™ Lite cap. Carrie Lite Petite features Remy human hair, a seamless ear-to-ear lace, a hand tied mono top that allows for multi-directional parting, and light hair density for the most natural look.



Cameron Lite - Petite

One of Jon Renau's most popular SmartLace™ Lite bobs is now available in a petite sized cap. With light hair density and a unique lace front that extends from ear to ear for the most realistic hair line, Cameron Lite - Petite is a timeless style with elegant layers and refined length. Her mono top and 100% hand tied cap provide the appearance of natural hair growth.


Miranda Lite

Miranda by Jon Renau is a sophisticated long layered style now available in a SmartLace™ Lite cap. The SmartLace™ front looks like a natural hairline and the monofilament part allows for a very natural part. Miranda pairs effortless natural grace with sophistication.



Want a closer look look at each new style? Watch Jon Renau's introduction video.

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