Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I am so excited to announce the promotion of Janine Holder from Controller to VP of Finance and Human Resources at Wig Studio 1.

For those of you that may not know Janine, I met her in the Spring of 2019. Her and her husband, Jim, sat with me in their conference room at NWCPA (an accounting firm in Ridgefield, WA). I had approached their accounting firm about taking over our books due to the growth of the business. 

What I wasn’t expecting at that meeting was their ability to establish payroll, information on how to ensure compliance for employees and taxes in respective states moving forward, and how to scale this growth from an accounting perspective. I was so amazed by their willingness to guide me on this journey.

Janine serviced our account from May 2019 until September 2021, answering my many questions and guiding our company in a subcontractor / vendor capacity. Janine is a graduate of Washington State University and a CPA. She has over 20 years in accounting, both in the Private and Public sector, and experience as a CFO.

In October 2021, Janine joined the Wig Studio 1 team officially as a W-2 employee. In the short few months that she has been with us, Janine has created an Employee Handbook for the company, along with an Organizational Chart. She designed an on-boarding process for new employees and is consistently working to ensure the continued training of our managers and employees is at the forefront of our operation. Janine became our Human Resources contact, which is a very important function supporting our 40 plus employees. In addition, Janine still oversees payroll twice per month and ensures that our sales tax returns are filed in over 40 states timely and correctly, in addition to overseeing the company federal requirements.

In addition to all of the above, Janine is a joy to work with. She is responsible, reliable, caring, compassionate and has an incredible sense of humor. She enjoys mentoring others, and she thinks outside the box every day, trying to put as many pieces together to support as many employees as possible. I’m so very blessed to know her and her family and to have her on our amazing talented team.

Thank you, Janine, for all your energy and efforts to ensure Wig Studio 1 is heading in the right direction financially, ethically, and compassionately. You are truly one in a million! Congratulations Janine on a well-deserved promotion. I am so grateful to each of you for your contributions, compassion, and dedication to serve those with hair loss.

All the best,

Andrea Carlson
President | CEO
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July 06, 2022 — Andrea Carlson