It is summer! For me summer means fun in the sun and hot Southern temperatures, Shay by Amore is a pixie cut that has a longer front fringe and short nape making it a great summer pick. 
The style of Shay is a classic bob with a front fringe of 5.5, sides 6.25 and a short 2.5 inch nape, it only weighs 2.2 oz.
When I first tried on Shay the hair tended to fall into my face, I sprayed some water on it to bring it back from my face. This wig could easily be steamed to make it stay back or use some wig hairspray to achieve this as well. You can also wear it with the longer bang swept to the side, either way it works! Also, a bit of styling cream would create some fun texture!
The color Spring Honey R is a rooted shade of honey blonde with gold/platinum highlights. The highlights really make this color pop and give it nice dimension. If you are looking for a warmer blonde this might be a good color to consider; Shay is available in nine shades.
Shay has a lace front, mono top and a soft net cap covering the wefting in the back of the wig. The netting is super soft so if you have total hair loss this will be extremely soft and comfortable on the scalp. The ear tabs are closed, it has a felt non-extended nape and velcro adjusters. Look how big the mono top is, you can part the hair anywhere within that area, and of course the lace front makes it possible to wear Shay off your face. 
If you have watched my YouTube videos you know I love styling wigs, especially short wigs! I enjoy finding new and fun ways to make my short styles look different, more modern, youthful and fun! Shay offers lots of styles opportunities, see the photos below. 
It's as simple as adding a headband, a fun clip or scarf, there are no rules, just have fun with it! I hope you have a wonderful summer and I know you will have great hair!
See all the styles by Amore at and remember, "We're All In This Together"!
June 09, 2020 — Eileen Franklin