Short, sassy and fun were the words that came to mind the first time I wore Ellen Wille Dot! This is a true out of the box style, all that you need to do is give it a good shake and put it on! Of course I think it looks best spiked up with some styling cream but could easily be worn smooth and sleek as well. 
Dot is part of the new Elements Collection, these pieces are offered at a nice price point so if you have wanted to try an Ellen Wille wig now might be the time. 
The style of Dot is a very layered pixie/boy cut, perfect for summer; I think the layering is done very well, try spraying it with some water to create texture!
Dot has a basic cap construction, no lace front (you don't need it) and a tiny square of monofilament at the crown, this makes it look like hair is growing right out of your scalp! The front is 2.5, Crown 2.5, sides 1.5 and a nice short nape of 1.5 (the nape fits snug against the neck).
The ear tabs are felt with stays and the cap is open wefted with velcro adjusters, you can get about 1/2 to 1 inch of adjustability. 
The color Silver Grey Mix is a beautiful blended shade of 56/60. In my opinion there is not much brown in this wig (maybe a bit) but the majority of this color is pure white blended with a 56 giving it dimension. I love grey hair and have a whole series of grey reviews on my channel titled "Going Grey"! I don't wear grey hair everyday because I never like wearing the same color two days in a row (isn't that what is so fun about wigs, changing our look) but I do enjoy wearing grey. I especially like to pair grey shades with the color blue and pink, it makes your eyes pop!
Above are some photos of Silver Grey Mix in outdoor/indoor lighting, you can see the way the fibers have been blended, the color is not flat at all.
I also love that women of all ages are wearing silver/grey, it is "having a moment" in fashion. I see girls in their twenties wearing silver hair, grey hair is not just for women of a certain age anymore, everyone is wearing it with attitude and looking amazing! I put on some great earrings and a smile and head out the door with this fantastic looking grey hair! I do feel like I have to wear a bit more makeup than I normally do when I wear my grey pieces, I like to amp up my eyeshadow and blush with my grey styles.
Also, have fun styling short hair! Just because you have a short style does not mean you can't wear it in different ways, throw on a headband or fun clip and change the look entirely.
See the new Elements Collection at I'll see ya next time and remember "We're all in this together"!
June 10, 2020 — Eileen Franklin