Amore Human Hair Colors

A140/27B - Butterscotch

A246 - Dark Ash Blonde with no tip

A30 - Maple Sugar

A30/8 - Honey Brown - Warm, medium honey tone brown

A613/140 - Starlight Blonde plus Moonlite Blonde

A613/27C - Golden Wheat - Mixture of golden medium blonde and cool light blonde

A8 - Dark Chocolate

Brown Spice | Warm and rich with medium, warm chocolate brown

Cappucino | A deep, pure brown blended with a warm, rich mahogany brown

Chocolate Parfait Root - Warm, dark brown base with natural creamy highlights

Dark Chocolate | Neutral brown with a rich, deep chocolate brown with a cool medium brown tone

Expresso - Darkest brown, created with a very rich cool tone

Hazelnut Cream Root - Warm, dark-blonde base with natural golden highlights

Honey Brown - Blended of Med Brn and Dk Blond

Moonlight Blonde Root - Blend of Medium Blond and light ashy blond with Brown root

Moonlight Blonde-LR - Blend of Medium Blond and light ashy blond with long Brown root

Starlight Blonde - Lightest Blonde, dynamic blend of medium and bright blonde colors

Toffee Brown - Blended of Dark Brown and Reddish Brown

Toffee Brown | Blended dark brown base with warm medium and light brown highlights