This is about my third Sky, and my second wig ever! I love Sky for lots of reasons, its length, its ability to add tons of texture with very little effort, its array of shade options, but mainly because of its permatease. If you watch my videos you know that I have no problem at all with permatease, frankly I like it! I'm from the south and I do love big hair; however I totally understand and respect anyone who does not care for permatease, if you don't like it than this absolutely not your wig. In the picture above and in my YouTube video I had not yet altered this wig yet. The final picture in this blog will show you the wig after I steamed, thinned and trimmed the bangs. All my Sky wigs came with a tad too much hair on the top, the bangs somewhat long and need some steaming off my face. 
In the picture above the Butter Pecan R is on the right in each frame; you can get an idea of different colors compared to Butter Pecan R. I compared Jon Renau Shaded Praline, RW SS Golden Wheat and Noriko Mocha Hlight. The color Butter Pecan R is described as a soft buttery medium golden brown base with very subtle brown lowlights and dark brown roots. Sky is one of Noriko's all time best sellers, it works well on most face shapes and is available in 46 shades so there should be a color for everyone!
One of my favorite features of Sky is the amount of texture this wig has; I love textured wigs, they are so trendy (but not too Trendy) and give it that messy look that is so cute. By just using a small amount of contour cream you can really get Sky look very pieced out and textured. The cap for sky is very basic, no lace front or mono top, it is open wefted with felt ear tabs and is adjustable up to approximately 1/2 inch. The basic cap keeps the price point down on Sky, another reason she is such a good seller, she looks wonderful but does not have the added features to make it super expensive.
Sky has just enough length to style in lots of different ways; the picture above shows just three ways that you can wear her, I love to wear it pulled back with a cute clip or barrette and by pulling some of the bangs down you can also wear it off the face. The specs for Sky are bang 5.6, crown 5.2 and nape 3.6.
The picture above (right) shows Sky after I have thinned the top, trimmed the bangs and steamed it a bit; not a huge difference but just enough for my taste. I did not add texture to this photo to give you an idea of how it looks worn smooth, but I will add contour cream for sure! If you need an affordable wig that will last and last give Sky a try! Be sure to use my code Crazywiglady and receive 30% off your order at Also please follow me on instagram @crazywiglady for my "Wig To Toe Wednesday" where I have a short wig video and feature my entire outfit for the day from Wig To Toe! "Remember, we're all in this together"! 
October 31, 2018 — Eileen Franklin