Straight Press 18” by BelleTress VS Show Stopper by Raquel Welch

For my first blog contribution I thought I would discuss how I inadvertently discovered how Straight Press HF 18” by Belle Tress was a doppelgänger for my Show Stopper by Raquel Welch. It did not even occur to me when I purchased this beautiful Belle Tress style as I was showing my girlfriend (another wig sister) who remarked that reminds her of Raquel Welch Show Stopper. At this juncture I had completely forgotten that Show Stopper had been sleeping in her box for quite some time.

Show Stopper Wig by Raquel Welch

Straight Press Wig by BelleTress

I began to do some research to see how accurate this twin-ship was in terms of the fiber, specifications, appearance and comfort. Upon wakening my Show Stopper it was evident she needed a little TLC. So out came the Jon Renau HD Detangler along with my Conair hot airbrush. I was able to revitalize her to look quite presentable. I chose to wear her on a social distancing restaurant date when I knew we would be dining outdoors with heaters blasting. How thankful was I for the heat friendly fibers. Show Stopper earned her keep and was quite admired. This type of long straight style gives me that extra bounce in my step, so I guess it was no coincidence that I ended up choosing the Straight Press HF 18” by Belle Tress from Wig Studio 1.

In comparing these two heat friendly hair units it was apparent to me that the Show Stopper felt heavier, only to discover that both hair units weigh the same 6 ounces. When I compared the density I would venture to say the Belle Tress feels lighter which is interesting because it is longer. For this reason Belle Tress earned extra points. As I have now worn both hair units my experience thus far leads me to believe that Show Stopper seems to tangle more easily than the Straight Press which I attribute to the lighter density.

I have often hesitated to purchase heat friendly hair however the straighter styles seem to be easier to maintain. What I have discovered is steaming the wig inside out on a cork or styrofoam head seems to resolve a significant amount of clumping. The majority of the clumping is concentrated at the rear section of the wig and frizz on the ends of the hair unit.

Subsequently a flat iron is used and passed once or twice carefully while sectioning off each piece as I proceed with this process. At this point the wig should be slightly damp from the steam so the flat iron works effectively at 250 degrees or thereabouts. If the wig is in really rough shape which one hopes it would not be, I then flip it the other way on the head (not mine) and continue to repeat the process on the outside of the hair unit.

I think it’s safe to say these would not be wigs I would personally wear on a daily basis because of the delicate nature of the heat friendly fibers. With that said, I find these fibers to be the most realistic looking when compared to regular synthetic so both have their pros and cons in my opinion.

I am the type of wig wearer that gives great attention to the details of the cap construction. We all know when it comes to wigs, size matters insofar as our head circumference. Mine measures 21.70”. Interestingly enough the cap on Show Stopper runs more Petite Average than other Raquel Welch caps that I have encountered in the heat friendly collection. I have to say in one sense I prefer the Show Stopper cap but only because it fits more snug on my Petite Average head. I think this cap would fit a 21” up to 22.25 inch head circumference in my opinion. I also like the way the extended nape is more firmly constructed and the ear tabs are substantial which I prefer as well as the ease of the Velcro adjusters.

Cap ConstructionWig Cap Construction SideWig Cap Construction | BackWig Cap Construction | Back

My only issue with the cap on the Straight Press HF 18” is that it is more roomy than the cap on my Americana HF wig which is also by Belle Tress. This is one of those crazy making variables that you cannot depend on a specific brand when it comes to how the cap will fit in a different style. Therefore I hope if I accomplish nothing else it will be to provide you with some information on both of these caps respectively so that you can make an educated and informed decision.

My assessment of the Straight Press cap is that it is softer in material and is extremely comfortable. However, it is somewhat roomy and I would venture to say it would fit a 22” up to a 23 1/2 inch head circumference. It is certainly larger head friendly for sure. The extended nape is less firm on the Straight Press so that is dependent on your preference. Both of these caps have a full monofilament top which are well done and provide multiple parting options.

I am very particular about the knotting on lace fronts. Both of these hair units have excellent lace fronts with the rooting blended at the hairline and both are equally undetectable regarding any appearance of knots. Extra points for both on this feature.

The colors are both stunning as you can see from the photos taken in the natural light. The Roca Margarita Blonde is the cooler of the two colors compared to the warmer Shaded Biscuit.

Shaded Biscuit by Raquel Welch vs Roca Margarita Blonde by BelleTress

Shaded Biscuit by Raquel Welch vs Roca Margarita Blonde by BelleTress

Roca Margarita BlondeShaded Biscuit by Raquel Welch

I hope you enjoy the accompanying video and photos. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in future blogs and on the Wig Studio 1 Wig Topper and Support group on Facebook.

Belle Tress
Straight Press HF 18” Specs: Bang: 3.5” Sides: 11.5” Back: 18” Nape: 11.5”
Weight: 6 oz.
Color: Roca Margarita Blonde
Full Monofilament Top Lace Front Extended Nape, Bra type adjusters.
Heat Friendly

Raquel Welch
Show Stopper: Specs: Front: 5” Crown: 12” Sides: 11.5” Back: 11.5” Nape: 12”
Weight: 6 oz.
Color: Shaded Biscuit RL 19/23SS
Full Monofilament Top Sheer Indulgence Lace Front Extended Nape Velcro Adjusters
Tru2Life Heat Friendly Fiber, Memory Cap 2


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January 05, 2021 — Michele Pearl