The world of blondes can seem as convoluted as splitting the atom. Now I’m no Einstein but I can certainly read a color chart. But if you think that’s going to be much assistance in decoding the numerology of your next blonde crowning glory it might be easier to figure out how to be in two places at the same time.

Let’s say for the sake of argument we look at the color by Henry Margu in 10/613 GR. Seems pretty straightforward, 10 is a Medium Golden Brown, 613 is French Vanilla Blonde (sounds more like ice cream but okay). GR stands for gradient dark root, light tips. Upon further research, I have discovered the following: “Light Ash Blonde with Platinum Blonde Highlights and Medium brown roots”. Really? Seems to me you can sooner judge a book by its cover than select my next wig based on the above description. If there is Platinum in there why didn’t I get the memo? Because my dear partners in crime, where is the number 101 mentioned which is the official number assigned to said color “Platinum”? A secret code perhaps? One only a “color detective” can decipher? And if so, where is that Agatha Christie when you need her? As for the number 613, is that not a pale natural gold blonde? Or is that applicable only to another brand’s color chart?

Moving on to John Renau’s Palm Springs Blonde, FS17/101S18. Ah, there is the 101 Platinum, I knew we would find it somewhere except this was not in the description, which I was as mystified as anyone to read: Lt. Ash Blonde with Pure White Natural Bold Highlights Shaded with Dark Natural Ash Blonde. (No mention of Platinum) but okay, so much for math, and if nothing else let it be BOLD. Is Bold a color or an attitude? Or is that the attitude that you have when you wear the color?

As we further investigate this color conglomeration we know that FS translates into Fashion Syrup making me hungry already and 17 is a Medium Ash Blonde (Shaded meaning kinda rooted) signified by an “S” and 18 Dark Ash Blonde.

Assuming I am not alone in my confusion I have decided to provide my only key to help unlock this mystery. Clues are provided in the form of visuals; color comparison photos and also a video. Sometimes it seems playing by the numbers works as well in choosing a blonde as it does at the Blackjack table at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.

I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing my take on this challenge, this blog is composed for educational and entertainment purposes.

Michele Pearl