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Wig or Topper? Synthetic or human hair? Wefted cap or hand-tied? Yes, these are just a few of the many questions that all new wig wearers ask themselves, when beginning their journey with alternative hair. If you are like me, you have, most certainly, drooled over a human hair wig or two. Early on in my wig journey, I bought one. As with anything, there were pros and cons to the choice I made. While I did love the human hair wig, I was not sure it was the one for me. I often had to wear that wig ten hours every day. The care, the cost, and time to style, all came to weigh heavier on the con scale due to my circumstances then. After learning more about synthetic fibers, and a lot of experimenting with several different brands and cap types, I finally settled on the wigs that work best for me.

We all have different wig priorities. If you have little to no hair, or sensitive scalp, the wig cap construction will be very important. If you can’t stand wig bands, clips and pins, the kind of cap and the way it fits will play an even larger role in your choice. For me, the less on my head the better, so a good fitting cap is very important to me. The better my cap fits, the less security measures I feel the need to use. I can go out without any extra wig securing accessories when wearing my Muse, for example. It happens to be a perfect fit for me. If I am wearing it to the dentist, I might put a decorative bobbie pin in on each side. This holds my hair out of the way and keeps my wig steady on my head while I am in that dreaded dentist chair. But if you have an in-between size head, and can’t find that perfect fit, you will need to make decisions about how to best secure your wig. I, personally, use more security when I know I will be outside for any length of time, or if I am going to a special event where I know it won’t be a simple task to adjust my wig in public.

We all know by now that we get what we pay for. Getting a hand-tied cap with a mono-top and lace front will cost you more because it costs the manufacturer more to make. That’s easy to understand. And ideally, you’d think everyone would want or need this. But that is not necessarily the case. Many wigs, with a basic cap, can work well for many people. A lot depends on the wig style. Is the style one that doesn’t really have a part and may have bangs? In that case, a mono top and lace front may not be necessary for some. Also, for the same price, you can often get two or three of the basic cap wigs compared to maybe just one of the wigs with all the bells and whistles. That is appealing to a lot of people, especially if you wear a specific style more frequently, or if you just like to change styles a lot.

All fibers are not created equal. This too, you may have already learned. Some look and feel better and seem to last longer than others. Every manufacturer seems to do them a bit differently, as well. They have their own vendors, processes, and crafts people. Human hair wigs are just that, so we all know how to take care of human hair, and the pros and cons of this. It is when you get into different fibers, such as synthetic or heat -friendly, that it can become more of a challenge. Over time, the coating of the fibers, the color, and strength of the fibers will change. Factors such as, how much you wear your wig and how you care for it, can shorten, or lengthen the life of your wig, but eventually the fibers will show their age and wear, just as well all do.

Decisions that will be made next, and we must decide, do we want the best of the best, the middle of the road, or some less costly ones that will do the job just fine? Fortunately, we can have one of each if budget allows. I doubt I will ever return to human hair wigs. This is just as a personal preference combined with my definite lack of styling skills and patience. I seem to have landed in the middle of the pack with lace front, mono-top and hand-tied wigs, as my preference. However, a basic cap is not a deal breaker if I can have the other two features. I still have a couple of basic cap wigs that I bought early on and can still wear but I now find them hot and scratchy because I have lost more hair over time. My scalp is more sensitive now as well, and I have to be picky about my caps more than ever it seems.

The little extras are important. I like to get a wig with soft ear tabs and an extended nape, along with the ability to adjust the fit. In the end we all find our sweet spot. We must decide what we can live with or what we hope we don’t have to live without, as the case may be.

Here, I have linked a video about hand-tied caps that you might like to watch. To book a free consultation, with one of our Personal Hair Consultants, who can show you how to measure the circumference of your head and help you find your best fit, visit us at Wig Studio 1 Support.

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Vickie Lynn

February 17, 2023 — Mackenzie Silva