Wig Shown Above: River Wig by Rene of Paris in color Caramel Swirl 

   I don’t have to tell you seasoned wig wearers that synthetic wigs have never been better. They look and feel great, and there is one (or many) to please every wig wearer. They have many great qualities, and having many to choose from is just one of the many benefits. However, we all know, nothing is perfect. Synthetic wigs just like human hair and human hair wigs, do require attention to styling and correct product use.

            These are some helpful tips to make living with your synthetic wig easier:

  1. Remember the wig “hairs” are not hairs, they are fibers, and must be treated as such.
  2. Invest in a spray bottle. It will be your best friend as you “wake-up” your new fibers and tamp down those flyaway bits.
  3. Use your hands for styling. After waking up the fibers with a spritz of water, most wigs can be styled with just your fingertips, especially the shorter ones. Combing or brushing too “perfectly” is often the culprit behind the “wiggy-look” so go easy on perfection.
  4. It can’t be said enough: when using a comb or brush on your wig, make sure they are designed for wigs, not human hair. The pulling action of some brushes or combs can damage the fibers or pull them out of the cap.
  5. When using a comb and/or brush, (always on a DRY wig) use short strokes for those with curls and longer strokes with light pressure for the smooth styles. Use a pick comb to style ringlet curls to help reduce frizz and manage flyaway bits.
  6. Do not use hair care products designed for human hair.
  7. Do not use heat unless the synthetic wig is “heat friendly” because it will damage the wig fibers.
  8. When it’s time to wash your wig, you can restore it to its original style by washing it in cool water with wig designated products. A lot of wig wearers swear by the “hang it upside down” to dry method. I have yet to try it because most of my wigs are shorter and dry fast on the wig stand.
  9. How to get more volume: Some wig wearers like to back-comb/tease the underside of individual layers, but you can often get the lift you need by lifting the layers with a wig-comb/pick and spraying underneath.
  10. Making changes to your wig: This topic comes up a lot. How easy is it to cut bangs, trim, or otherwise make changes to your wig? Unless you are skilled in this area, my advice is to take it to a professional. A professional can, along with cutting in bangs, trimming, etc., also do so in a way that it flatters your face, making it more “you” for a truly customized look.
  11. Accessorize! This is a tip that is often overlooked. Though I have recently seen more wig reviewers talk about this. And how true it is. By using headbands, clips, and other accessories, you can add color, and brightness around the face, and make the style truly reflect your taste.

   At the end of the day, we are all faced with the good as well as the challenging when it comes to wig wearing, no matter what type of wig it is.

We are all in this together—

Until next time,


June 27, 2024 — Vickie Lynn