Wig Shown Above: Zeal Wig by Noriko in color Lilac Silver R

   Any good psychologist can tell you that it’s important for us to have goals, something to look forward to, and how the changing seasons might highlight these things. Any time there is a shift in our environment it seems to set the stage for reflection of some sort. What does your wig collection say about you? Is it saying, hmmm, it may be time for a change?

  If like me, wearing wigs is an everyday thing, and the changing seasons brings thoughts of new wigs along with a change in wardrobe. Nothing is more personal than how we see ourselves, and how we want others to see us. Along with the ever-changing seasons, we too are changing. We turn that calendar to the next month, and then the next, and we deal with what comes. As we age, we learn new things and sometimes set new goals based on the “season” of life we might be celebrating. We re-assess what we want and what is important to us on a regular basis, even if we don’t verbalize it.

   My reflection time came as I was my closet looking through my fall clothes. I hadn’t started out to inventory my wigs, but there they were, two stacks of wig boxes in the corner. What’s a person to do, but open a few? That is what I did, and with each wig I put on, it brought back memories of when and why I bought it. I realized that the boxes of wigs were like a journal of sorts. I had my professional-in-the-office wigs that I wore before I “retired” to write books from home, and they were mostly the same wig in varying colors. I had my longer wigs, that reminded me of my lack of styling skill—enough said about that. My favorite collection is my shorter wigs, and I find that I reach for them more often than any other. As I have been turning my personal calendar pages, and looking into the future, I see my wig collection as representing my past and now my present.

   My new season…As I look from present to the future, I am for the first time considering a major shift in wigs—a big leap. I am not looking to change wig length so much as wig style and color. I no longer want to deal with coloring my bio hair, and what is growing out is becoming more silver than faded, dirty blonde. Since I like to blend my bio hair with my wigs by pulling out some on the sides, as I know some of you do as well, I realized that pulling out even more of the silver-white hair on the sides of another color might look a bit odd. So, what’s a wig wearer to do?

   Yes, you may have guessed it—it was time I considered embracing the white-silverness of my bio hair and the possibility of transitioning to wigs of the same color. But oh, this would be a major step! I have all of these other wigs in colors that I love and are so—me. Is so me, or was so me? That has become the question. What will silver-white wigs say about me? Will I be looked at differently? Will I look at myself differently, and if so, what will that mean?

   Maybe you aren’t ready for the “big leap” but maybe a smaller leap like from short to long, or from blonde to red. It takes courage to make a change that is so obvious to you and to others. We have a picture in our head of who we are, and others have a picture of us in their heads as well. Part of that picture is the way we look. It takes some courage to put that thought aside and to make the leap anyway.

   As I continue to ponder my big leap, I know it is not a question of if but of when. Every day I become more comfortable with that. As I turn my calendar to autumn and the change it brings, I am more aware of the changes in myself.

Wishing you a fabulous October,


October 18, 2023 — Vickie Lynn