Wig Shown Above: Runway Waves Wig by Gabor Large Cap in color GL29-31SS

   I never gave much thought to the size of my head before I started wearing wigs. After all, a head is a head, I thought. How wrong I was. Though I have read no studies on this, it seems to me that every head might be a bit different. This is at the heart of wig sizing, and we all learn soon enough about wig caps and how they fit. Though face measurements have nothing to do with wig fitting they have a lot to do with how a certain wig might look on you. And to make it even more interesting, most of us have different face widths and lengths.

   Yes, your head size determines your wig fit, but we soon learn that is not the entire story. If you are like me, you didn’t spend much of your life worrying or wondering about your head size or neck length. To have that come up as you start your wig journey, brings a learning curve with it.  

   If you are a new wig wearer, you might think, when you get that new wig home, that it doesn’t even resemble the wig you saw online or in a magazine, and you wonder why. I can tell you why that might happen. It could be because your head and face structure/shape is nothing like the model who was wearing the wig you just bought. No, I don’t mean looks—is she younger, older, prettier, thinner, heavier, etc., no, I mean the actual head and face—size and shape. Then, there is the neck length, which will also determine if the wig will look longer or shorter on you than on the model.

   If you have bought a few wigs by now, think about what didn’t work, what did, and you will likely have figured some things out already. But if you are unhappy with your choices consistently, I have come up with some questions that might help you work through your dilemma.

  • Are you choosing a wig that does not flatter your face shape?
  • Do you have a longer or shorter neck, thinner or broader face (in comparison to the model you saw wearing the wig)? If so, the wig will fall differently on you.  
  • Are you picking a wig strictly for the color and style without reflecting on how it will enhance your looks---or not?
  • Will a lot of hair on the sides make your wide face look wider than you like?
  • If you have a longer, thinner face, will that long straight style pull your face down more, aging you?
  • Do you work at an office all day, and will those curls on that longer style end up a bunched-up mess from rubbing against your collar for 8-10 hours? If so, do you know how to fix that?
  • Does that short style that looked so cute on the model make you look as if you are “all face” because your face/head is bigger, and your features are not as petite as the model’s?
  • Will too much hair, especially on top, overwhelm your petite statue and face and make you look like a Barbie doll and/or might it scream, FAKE?

   One thing that helped me at the start of my wig journey was trying on different styles, lengths, and colors in a wig boutique to get a better idea of what worked for me. If you have access to one, give them a try. You don’t necessarily have to buy from them. You can likely same money buying from companies like WigStudio1 due to their much larger inventory. But if you are feeling really lost and insecure about making that first step into wig wearing, it is something to consider. I know that not everyone lives near a wig boutique, and there will be more trial and error and maybe a few returns before you work it out. Remember that WigStudio1 has a wonderful customer help line. They have heard many questions and will likely have the answer you need to help you solve whatever issue you have.

   If you have never measured your head or face (hairline to chin), there are some very good Wigstudio1 videos about that, and that should be your first stop if you are having cap fitting issues. It’s time to learn if you are petite, petite-average, truly average, large, or if you are an in-between. You will also learn how to alter the cap to fit you better, and there are videos on that as well.

   Don’t settle for just okay in style or comfort. There are ways to work out the issues so that you will be happy with your wigs.

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October 25, 2023 — Vickie Lynn