Wig Shown Above: Athena Wig by Henry Margu in color 60/101GR

   I’d bet that most of us have known someone who took ten years off their age by cutting and/or coloring their hair. When you are a new wig wearer it’s hard to be objective. The idea is to make us look better while giving us an acceptable level of comfort and security. A wig is an investment, so it’s important that it becomes a plus, not a minus for us.

   Yes, we want to look better, whatever our personal version of that might be. When you put on that wig, do you look better, more like the you that you want to be? Basically, it’s all about what draws the eye. Where do you want your focal points to be? I know that at my age I don’t want them at my chin and/or neck, so I look for styles that have a bit more going on at the crown. We all have our challenges, and that prompted me to seek advice from professional wig stylists over the years.

   Though wigs are different from natural hair in a lot of ways, the same rules apply when it comes to color, length, and style—for you individually. Most of us have learned through research and/or trial and error what does not work for us. Trial and error can work but can also be costly and frustrating. You may have researched it and talked to your own stylists about what works best for you.

There is nothing worse than getting what you thought was the perfect wig and finding it is not perfect for you, but rather perfect for the wig model.

   The following are some of the questions the experts get asked time and time again, and I can see why because they were my questions and concerns too.

“The Most Asked” questions and concerns from stylists’ clients:

  1. Center parts—not for everyone. They can make you look older. It takes away from the fullness at the crown. If you are young, it’s not so much a concern. Most people do tend to look better with more fullness at the crown. It draws the eye upward.
  2. The ongoing should older women have long hair debate: If your hair is too long it can make you look older. Some agree that hair doesn’t have to be short to work best for mature women, but long hair draws the face down, the eye down, especially with heavier bottom ends styles with a lot of volume. Do you want people to focus on your chin and neck? For longer styles think layers and less density. Women of all ages can wear long hair and look good, but the style and color are crucial.
  3. Manage your expectations. Understand what your style really is – meaning, what you like and what looks best on you may not be the same thing. Also, make sure you are using volume in the right places. How does your hair style work with you or against you to compliment your face?
  4. If you have a full or very round face, watch for too much volume on the sides near the cheeks. A lot of hair there will make your face look wider. Try for more volume on top and a longer style that comes under the chin—not at the chin and curving around to accentuate more roundness.
  5. If you have a long face, go for that side fullness and less volume on top. You can still wear longer styles if you like, just balance the hair with the face. Bangs are also good for long faces.
  6. Where do you want the focus? What features do you want to highlight, or dimmish?
  7. Bangshandle with care was their advice. No thick straight across cut bangs unless you have a long face and even then, it can be tricky depending on the style. Thick straight bangs will “close your face” and make a round face look even more so. Their advice for most bang lovers is to keep it light, don’t cover your entire forehead, ever. Keep your face open by making sure your forehead can be seen, at least part of it.
  8. Color can make all the difference. Natural hair is not just one color. For wigs it is important that you have some shading and dimension in order to look natural. Know what colors work for you. For example, gold-blondes tends to age some people depending on their skin tone and under tones. For some people ashy shades makes them look ill or washed out. Learn if you are a cool, warm, or neutral in the color family, and pick your hair colors appropriately. A special note for “over fifties” Ladies: Going too dark can look harsh and fake. Better to lighten up, and don’t be afraid to go salt and pepper or silver/gray.
  9. Layers are important for styling, they keep things more balanced, and the look is less heavy and more natural. If you are a big hair person, you can still do this but with a more natural look.
  10. Don’t use too much product. If your hair won’t move it dates your style, and makes you look older.
  11. Visit a stylist and let him or her make your wig more you—have it tweaked to bring out the best in the wig so that your wig will bring out the best in you. It is a good investment especially if you have an expensive wig and wear it every day.
  12. Be open to trying new styles. There is nothing that dates you more than keeping the same style for too many years.

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Hope you picked up some useful tips!

Until next time, Vickie Lynn

July 12, 2023 — Vickie Lynn