Hello All!

I apologize for the delay on this announcement. I would like to recognize Sharon Osborn as our Employee of the Month for August 2022. Sharon is our Client Resolutions Assistant at Wig Studio 1. She assists Amy DeWitt with some of the more challenging inquiries, where a client may need additional and more personalized assistance on a resolution. She loves serving our clients at Wig Studio 1.

On a side note, Sharon owns and operates her own craft business. She enjoys spending time with her family and homeschools her children. She provides a lot of support in her community as well as volunteering at her church. Sharon is a great team member and is always cheerful!

Congratulations Sharon!!! Each Employee of the Month receives a bonus and a certificate. We appreciate you very much!

Overall, August was a great month for Wig Studio 1! Thank you to Ella for ensuring all of our new releases were ready to launch, and to our awesome reviewers who worked very hard to ensure content was created, submitted and available on social media prior to or on launch day.

I'd also like to extend a huge thank you to Sydney for coordinating these launches and to Ramona for helping create marketing media and content.

In addition, I'd like to recognize our order processing department for all of their work in ensuring hundreds of orders are processed and filled correctly daily, and to our customer service department for the excellent service provided to our customers each day!

We are so grateful to all of our employees for their contributions and to our customers who share their journeys with us daily. 

Wishing you all a great Fall ahead! Thank you for putting your trust in us!


Andrea Carlson

President | CEO 


September 24, 2022 — Andrea Carlson