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For the last few months I've been on the hunt for the perfect bob wig; well, I'm not sure I will ever find a "favorite" because honestly I love so many different ones for different reasons! I think Emma by Estetica Designs is so cute because of her wispy side swept bangs (of course you could have them trimmed). There are so many styles of bobs out there, short, mid length, long, lobs, classic, angles, etc. I find that I like them all; bobs will never go out of style, just the angles and cuts of them change but the general shape is timeless! What I find myself looking for in a bob is lots of good movement and Emma delivers that easily. Emma also features a stacked back making it a bit more trendy that some of the other bobs I have reviewed, it is slightly angled, another feature that brings it a tad more "up to date"; the long flattering layers give it a beautiful shape.
Above are a few color comparisons I did for RH1488RT8, my all time favorite Estetica Designs color. Emma has a medium golden brown root (RT8) and a blend of light amber gold highlights and dark honey blonde. I really like the root on this color, it is not too stark and not too long making it totally believable. The top left photo is RH1488RT8 (on the left in each photo) compared to Gabor Toasted Pecan, the bottom left is Ellen Wille Ginger Rooted and the top right is Envy Almond Breeze. RH1488RT8, in my opinion, is a very "wearable" color, it is highlighted beautifully and soft and a bit warmer than some of the other blondes.
As with all Estetica Designs wigs the cap is extremely well made; it consists of a 100% hand tied mono top (it is a large mono top) which allows for parting options. There is no lace front but I don't think it is needed in this style due to the full bangs, the back of the wig is made with Estetica's Pure Stretch technology giving it a  perfect fit; there is a good bit of stretch in this wig making it great for ladies with a larger head circumference. Estetica has also put a strip of polyurethane along the front in case you would like to add some tape or adhesive. The specs for Emma are, bang 4, crown 10, sides 7, nape 3.5 and it weighs 3.2 oz.
As Emma is a mid length bob it allows you several different styling options. I always love to use a clip bring it off my face; Emma doesn't have a lace front but can still be worn off the face as shown above. I love wigs that can be styled in lots of different ways as you can create a different look easily for daily wear.
The photo above shows the cute stacked back of Emma as well as the lovely rooting, such a timeless cute style! Please check out my Youtube channel for reviews of this adorable style and all my other reviews! Also, follow me on Instagram @crazywiglady for my "Wig to Toe Wednesday" where I post a short wig video and my outfit of the day. Remember, we're all in this together! 
January 24, 2019 — Eileen Franklin