Hi and welcome back to the Wigstudio1 CrazyWigLady blog! I had the opportunity to review Ellen Wille Elite recently in the color Lightchampagne Mix 25.22.26 and I can't wait to show it to you! The style of Elite is a classic bob, this one will never go out of style, I own Elite in several shades and find it works with any outfit, and is perfect for any occasion.
First lets have a look at this beautiful Ellen Wille shade, Lightchampagne Mix! Elite is available in 13 shades.
The photo above shows the color Lightchampagne Mix in indoor lighting, this is a blend of platinum blonde, cool platinum blonde and light golden blonde. All of these blonde shades make for a lovely variation of color.
The photo above shows this color in outdoor lighting. Notice how the sun brings out the different blonde tones of this color. The platinum in this shade gives it dimension so it is not flat in anyway, keep in mind this is not a rooted shade, however you could add a root to this one by using some blonde root spray. The color code for Lightchampagne Mix is 25 a medium golden blonde, 22 a champagne blonde and 26 a golden blonde. 
The cap for Elite consist of a lace front into a left mono part. Notice how the wefting is made on the top, it goes in different directions making the hair far to the side more than straight down into the face; this style would look great with a bang cut into it. This is a very low density style with minimal permatease. 
Elite has open wefting, closed felt ear tabs with stays. As you know Ellen Wille wigs are petite/average in size, however the wefting gives it a bit of stretch, be sure to know you head circumference when ordering Ellen Wille styles, I have a 21 1/4 inch circumference and these styles fit me perfectly. 
Elite has a non extended felt nape with velcro adjusters, giving you about one half inch of adjustability. The specs for Elite are, Front 7" Crown 9.5", Sides 7.5", Nape 3" and it weighs 2.8 oz. With this longer nape be sure to use a bit of detangler when you take it off at the end of the day, this will keep the ends looking fresh for a longer period of time. This is not a heat friendly style however I use detangler on every wig that has a longer nape to keep it looking good for as long as I can. These pieces are an investment and I want them to last as long as possible!
I am really enjoying styles that have enough length to offer several different styling options, here are a few that work well with Elite.
Of course you know I wear a headband all the time with my wigs, I think they are the perfect accessory, there are so many different colors available so you can really enjoy making a fashion statement with a simple headband! I also like to do a simple "half up and half down" style; Elite is perfect for this type of styling! 
Why not take advantage of the lace front and clip Elite completely off your face? By adding a simple barrette you can easily achieve this fun look; Also, if you want to get the front of this wig completely off your face you can always steam it away from the face, there are lots of videos on YouTube showing how to do this, I have two showing step by step steaming instructions.
Below is the full video review of this classic style, its always great to have one of these in your wig rotation! Be sure to go to Wigstudio1.com to see all the beautiful Ellen Wille styles and to get all the information regarding discounts, etc.
Thanks for stopping by my blog I'll see ya next time! 
July 16, 2020 — Eileen Franklin