Hi and welcome back to my blog here at! Have you been looking for a style with a hand tied cap, no seam lace front, mono top, no permatease, heat friendly and super low density? If you have been looking for a wig with all these features you might want to look at Belletress Double Shot Bob HF, I have mine in the popular color coconut silver blonde!
When I began wearing wigs I did not like heat friendly fibers, looking back I now know it was because I did not fully understand how to care for them. I did not realize that you actually had to apply heat to them from time to time to keep the fibers looking good for as long as possible. I also did not know that I should use some type of detangler after each wear, another thing that is necessary to keep your style looking as good for as long as you can. Heat friendly fibers are beautiful, less shiny and more natural looking (in my opinion) than regular synthetic fibers, however they do require upkeep. I always use a wide tooth comb on the fibers and I have a hot hair brush I that use to keep the ends looking smooth, also be sure to use a heat protectant before applying heat and keep your styling tools under 325 degrees.
Double Shot Bob is just what it says it is, a bob with lots of style! The specs for this style are, bang 7.5, sides 10, nape 4 and a back of 12.5, (for reference, my face is 9 inches from hairline to chin). You could have your stylist cut a short fringe into this style if you prefer a shorter bang. I have a 21.25 inch head circumference, Belletress styles tend to run large on me so if you have a larger head you could probably wear this style easily. As far as fit for myself I used the adjusters to pull in the wig and get a more snug fit.
The razor cut ends of this style make it as I always say, "trendy but not too trendy"! As you can see from the photo above this is a very sleek style that falls just around the shoulders in the back. And the photo below shows how beautiful the top of this wig is, not only sleek but nice face framing layers making it wearable for most face shapes. Also, the hand tied cap and mono top on this style allow for very natural movement.
The color Coconut Silver Blonde is made up of ash blonde, silver blonde and some coconut blonde, all highlighted with white/platinum (non rooted shade). I was surprised as how many shades of blonde are in the color and how much dimension this color has, it is very well blended and not "flat" at all. I like that this is a grey shade but also a blonde shade, if you are going grey and want to try  a shade that is not full on grey have a look at this color.
The cap of Double Shot Bob is a beautiful Belletress hand tied cap! One thing that I love about this cap is there is no seam in the front between the lace front and the mono top, I love this feature, you have no line showing in your parting area. The lace also goes all the way down into the polyurethane ear tabs. These types of ear tabs are nice if you have no hair, this adds a bit more security and you could also add a small piece of tape on the ear tabs as well. The soft hand tied cap offers stretch and is very soft to the touch, again a nice feature if you have no hair as it will not irritate sensitive scalps. Double Shot Bob has a non extended nape and pull type adjusters that offer about 1/2 to 1 inch adjustment.  
These styles that offer a bit more length are fun to style as you have more fibers to work with and can create some fun looks. One thing I love about wigs is the ability to change the look of them by adding just a few hair accessories. I personally keep small hair clips in my purse, if I am at work and the front of a wig is falling in my face I will just add a clip and problem solved! Keep in mind you could also steam the fibers to keep them out of your face, I do this with many of my wigs. You could also use some sea salt spray to separate the fibers or some styling cream as well to add texture. In the cooler months wigs look great with knit caps or hats; when I wear hats with my wigs I don't tend to take them on and off multiple times, I don't want to create too much friction, I usually wear my hat until I am ready to take off my wig at the end of the day.
I hope you enjoyed this blog on this beautiful Belletress style, Double Shot Bob, please be sure to visit the website to see all the available colors for this fun style. I also have reviewed this style for the Wigstudio1 YouTube channel and will embed the video below this blog. Please join us in our private Facebook group, Wigstudio1 Wig and Topper Support Group! Thanks again for joining me and I'll see ya next time!
February 21, 2021 — Eileen Franklin