Wig Shown Above: Brooklyn Wig by Estetica in color R6/28F

    Some wig wearers don’t care if someone can tell they are wearing a wig. If you are one of those wig wearers, no need to read on. I wish I were one of them. It could be my age, or a bit of not wanting to be the center of attention, but I do care if someone can tell that I am wearing a wig. I go the extra mile to research wig styles, caps, colors, all to try to be sure that my wig does NOT look like a wig.

   If you are like me, our worse fear is that everyone is looking at us and whispering, “wig” because the evidence is plain to see. For us who are on the “make it look as real as possible” side of the spectrum, we don’t want to be the object of someone’s critique.

   What can you do to assure that you just look like you—an attractive you, and not “someone wearing a wig”? For a new wig wearer, or someone considering it, this can be a paralyzing situation. They fear that everyone can look at them and “tell” and this can keep someone from buying a wig and/or learning how to best wear it. Don’t let this happen to you.

   What have we learned? Seasoned wig wearers know that the lace front wigs often offer the most natural look due to the illusion of a natural hairline. If you have a mono top, even better. That means you can part your hair as you like and what shows through at the part also looks natural. It makes styling much easier, and enhances the hair movement, and that also makes for a more natural look.

   And the challenges: The dreaded shine! Yes, the synthetic wig comes with a factory coating. It is a fiber, and a coating is put on it for several reasons. Your job is to tamp down that coating, remove the shine and make it look like natural hair. Bear in mind also that the lighter the fibers (in color) the more shine it will have. The light wig colors reflect more light. Most wearers have found the best tricks of the trade that work for their wigs. Please see our Facebook group for many helpful pointers. Also, look on YouTube for the Wigstudio1 one reviewer's tips. There are many videos about this. You can use other tricks to disguise the shine as well, styling in a “messier” style, wearing headbands and waves or curls will also cut down on the shine.

   One of the big new wig wearer mistakes I see most often: Make sure you position your wig at your natural hairline and secure the wig in the way in which you are most comfortable. Tape, glue, wig grips, bobby pins, all are options. This is especially important if your head is shaped in such a way as not to help hold the wig down in the back.

   Don’t be too perfect! Wispy bits are a good thing, wispy bangs can be a real asset as well. That’s not to say you must live with the dreaded wig “fliers” those bits that stand up and refuse to do otherwise. Often hairspray will tame them or just clipping out the offenders, if not too many will help as well. I am partial to wig wax (I love this stuff!).

   Don’t forget the wig part. When something looks too perfect it is a fake giveaway, and that goes for your part as well. Don’t make it perfect, and don’t forget that you can use a concealer if the contrast is too great, or you don’t like the look of the knots where the fibers are secured.

   Wigs with rooted colors are a great option for the natural look. Also, remember that real hair is not just one flat color. Color gradients are very important to achieve that “real” hair appearance. Don’t buy a wig with one flat color because it screams wig. Experiment with styling. Don’t be afraid to just sit before your mirror and try different things; an up-do, a ponytail, behind the ears, clips and bands. All these things add the look of naturalness.

   The more you experiment and get to know your wig, and the more you wear it, the easier it will be. You can start by wearing it around the house a few hours, or out for a walk around the neighborhood. This will help you see how it feels on your head, what adjustments you might need to make, before you “meet the big world” so it’s worth doing.

   Warning, warning!! You are going to be disappointed…if you fall in love with an image and a wig on a model and get it home and find it’s not for you. So, do your homework before you buy, and do your prep work after you buy. Soon, you will be an expert. You will know the styles and colors that work best for you and know which vendors’ wig caps fit you best. You may have a stumble or two along the way, and we all do, but eventually you will see your wig as one of your favorite accessories, and you will leave the house knowing you look great. I promise.

Until next time,

            Vickie Lynn

July 26, 2023 — Vickie Lynn