Wig Shown Above: Jodi Wig by Rene of Paris in color Salt & Pepper

   If you are anything like me, you may have gotten to the point in your wig journey, early on for sure, when you wanted to cry, help! It is with that in mind that I wanted to acknowledge the WigStudio1 Facebook page, and the amazing people who answer those cries for help. I also include in my thanks, the fabulous ladies who do the reviews as well, and the wonderful people who answer those phones and respond to our chat requests for help. It is so reassuring to have someone to call on when real help is needed. Whether the question is about color choices, styles, cap sizes, or caps in general, someone is there to help you. Whether on the Facebook page, a YouTube video or on a phone or chat line—help is there.

   I’ve said in earlier blogs that I wished I had found this kind of help and support sooner. I stumbled around learning everything the hard way for the first year. I was lucky enough to have a wig boutique in my area, so at least I got some early advice to begin my journey, but not a lot. I can’t recall getting any tips on caring for the wig or a lot of information about wig wearing security options.

   Though I was lucky again for the second time that my very first wig, a Raquel Welch mid-length, heat defiant, mono top, hand-tied, lace front, was an amazing fit. I was comfortable from day one, and mistakenly thought all wigs would be so perfect on me. I slowly began to realize what I didn’t know. Another wakeup call was when I began to think about wig number two. The wig prices in the boutique, due to the mark up, was a strain on my budget when it came time to add another wig. It was then that I was really motivated to learn more about wigs.

   I soon realized that though on-line wigs from a good company were expensive too, especially for the ones that I liked (I was spoiled from my early success), that there were ways to make one last longer. So, on I went. I learned as I went along, and soon I was able to branch out to more styles. I even tried the wefted caps, and liked some, but I always went back to what fit me best and made me the most comfortable.

   Before I knew it, I was wearing my wigs to work nine to ten hours a day and was very seldom thinking about them all day long. I got used to seeing that woman in the mirror who looked so much better with the wig than with my thinning hair. As a bonus, I looked younger.

   As I said, I did it mostly the hard way, on my own, and I know that if I would have had help and advice sooner, I would have saved time, money, and would have been much less stressed.

   So, if you are reading this and want help, need help, or just want to see what is going on in wig world, see real women wearing their wigs, and hear their stories and tips…then off you go. Join the WigStudio1 Facebook group and get advice from some of the most knowledgeable wig wearers I’ve ever run across. You will get wonderful guidance, suggestions, and not only from the wig experts whose job it is to monitor the site and answer your questions, but also from some of the other Facebook members who are on their own wig journey. I have learned so much from them and the site administrators,

   Not only does WigStudio1 offer this great Facebook resource, let’s talk about those talented wig reviewers! The wig reviews that they do are the most helpful I have ever seen.  I’ve watched professional models that don’t do as well. It is priceless to see a “real person” vs. a model wear the wig and review the wig. You not only get to see how it looks but you will get some styling tips. These ladies go the extra mile to tell you and show you everything they can think of to help you find the best wigs for you.

   I hope that you will take advantage of these vast (and free) resources that are being offered. I do most every day. Thanks to all of WigStudio1 team; I have learned so much.

Until next time,



August 09, 2023 — Vickie Lynn