Kylie Jenner recently debuted light baby blue hair.  At first, we thought she was wearing hair extensions, but it turns out, she was wearing a wig designed by Tokyo Stylez. Tokyo Stylez has worked with many celebrities, such as Karrueche Tran and Rihanna. You should follow Tokyo Stylez on Instagram. He uploads sweet selfies of himself wearing most of his wigs before he styles them. He tries on most of the wigs he makes to be sure the fit is right for his clients. 

Tokyo Stylez grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and began working on hair as young as 11-years-old. He started doing hair extensions for people in his local neighborhood, and after a while, he began to earn money for his talents. He began to receive requests for wigs from cancer patients, so he researched as much as he could and began making wigs. He rarely does sew in hair extensions any more. His main focus is wigs. 

Tokyo's wigs are priced between $650.00 to $4,000. He uses human hair to make the wigs, and price will vary depending upon what the style of the wig is and the type of human hair used to make the wig. The finer or more difficult to find human hair types will be more expensive. He customizes each wig with measurements specific to each client, so the result is a comfortable, natural looking wig. 

Wigs are trending right now because the younger people are realizing that wigs can look better than your real hair. Many trend setting celebrities are wearing wigs regularly.  Wigs can add volume and length or completely change your style or color of hair in seconds. For those struggling with fine or thinning hair, wigs can provide exciting change and increase confidence.

Whether you wear a wig because of hair loss or you wear a wig for fun, we have a huge selection of wigs to choose from. Check out the latest wig styles from Wig Studio 1!


August 02, 2015 — Andrea Carlson