TressTech Dry Shampoo Spray by TressAllure | 4.3 oz

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TressTech Dry Shampoo Spray by TressAllure | 4.3 oz

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What is it?

  • TressTech’s™ versatile NO TALC cleansing and styling product all in one, that volumizes and cleanses your wigs at the same time.

Who is it for?

  • Any wig or extension wearer that wants to volumize and cleanse your hair in between washings. Works on all synthetics and human Hair, and will reduce any unwanted shine.

What’s So Special About It? 

  • TressTech Dry Spray Shampoo Spray is invisible, lightweight, and works with any hair texture without the gritty residue produced by other dry shampoos.

How do I use it?

  • Give your wig a good shake or blow dry your wig to wake it up and add life to it
  • Shake Wig Wax well
  • Spray liberally on dry hair at the roots and throughout the wig and use your fingers to define your style
  • Blow dry for maximum volume results or allow to dry naturally 
  • For a smooth hair finish brush Dry Hair using a round or paddle brush


-How is this different from other dry shampoos?

  • TressTech’s Dry Spray Shampoo distributes a light spray evenly throughout your wig and extension with our precision-directed aerosol. 

-Will I feel particles in the hair like other dry shampoos?

  • No, TressTech Dry Shampoo is not a talc-based product. There will be no powdery-feeling beads.

-How often can I apply TressTech Dry Shampoo?

  • You can use TressTech Dry Shampoo daily for four days before experiencing building up. 

-If I use TressTech’s Dry Spray Shampoo will I still have to wash my wigs and extensions?

  • Yes, TressTech’s Dry Spray Shampoo is designed to keep your wig fresh and clean in between washings. Depending on how often you wear your wigs and how active you are, we recommend you wash your wig with Tressallure’s® Deep Cleansing Wig Shampoo every two weeks. 

-Does, TressTech Dry Shampoo reduce the shine you find with some synthetic fibers?

  • Yes, modacrylic synthetic fibers may tend to be a little shinier than polyester (heat-friendly) fiber, and TressTech Dry Shampoo will reduce the shine. If you wish to increase the lustrous look of your wig or extension, we recommend TressTech Dry Spray Conditioner. 

-Can I use other styling products with TressTech Dry Shampoo?

  • Yes, we recommend you condition your hair with TressTech’s Dry Spray Conditioner after you use your TressTech Dry Shampoo. And finish your styling with TressTech Wig Wax for added texture and hold.  

-What Happens If My Cat Eats My TressTech Dry Shampoo?

  • Keep a close on on him/her. She may volumize over the course of a few minutes. 

How Do I use TressTech Dry Shampoo 

  1. Comb or brush through your wig to remove any top-layer residue 
  2. Give your wig a good shake. 
  3. Shake can well. 
  4. Hold the can 10-12 inches away and apply to the roots of the wig approximately one inch at a time
  5. Work the product throughout the wig using your fingers or wide-tooth comb
  6. For additional volume lightly spray your wig and extension evenly through
  7. For additional luster and a silky feel, we recommend you spray on TressTech Dry Spray Conditioner and finish your style with a generous amount of TressTech Dry Spray Wig Wax.