150 200 200
R1416T Buttered Toast Dishwater or mousey blonde with sun kissed highlights
R10 Chestnut Rich Dark Brown with coffee brown highlights all over
R6/30H Chocolate Copper Dark Brown with soft, coppery highlights
R33 Dark Auburn Dark Auburn/Reddish brown
R6 Dark Chocolate Rich, dark brown
R130 Dark Copper Bright Reddish brown with subtle copper highlights
R2 Ebony Black
R25 Ginger Blonde Golden blonde with subtle red highlights
R830 Ginger Brown Warm, medium brown
R829S Glazed Hazelnut Medium Brown with ginger highlighting on top
R11S+ Glazed Mocha Medium Brown with gold blonde highlighting on top
R1621S Glazed Sand Light Blonde
R29S Glazed Strawberry Strawberry Blonde with pale Blonde highlights
R8/25 Golden Walnut Rich, dark brown with gold highlights
R14/88H Golden Wheat Medium blonde streaked with pale gold highlights
R119G Gradient Smoke Deep Grey
R14/25 Honey Ginger Dark golden blonde with light gold highlights
R4 Midnight Brown Off Black or black/brown
SS25 Rooted Ginger Blonde Golden Blonde with subtle red highlights and a darker root
R14/88SS Rooted Golden Wheat Medium Blonde streaked with pale gold highlights and a darker root
R21T Sandy Blonde Cool, pale blonde with ash blonde tips
R56/60 Silver Mist Lightest Grey with White highlights all over
R22 Swedish Blonde Pale baby blonde, or salon processed blonde
R56/60 Silver Lightest Gray with
Whilte highlights throughout
R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon Medium Reddish Brown with Ginger highlights
R435S+ Glazed Black Cherry Black Brown with Dark Auburn Highlights