Wig Shown Above: On The Cover Wig by Raquel Welch in color RL19/23SS

   I live in the South, and I am all about keeping it simple in the summer, and for me that’s shorter hair, comfortable caps, and keeping cool.

   Some of us have wig collections of all different styles, colors, and lengths, but some newer wig wearers are just starting out and trying to decide where to put their money. It’s a process, I won’t pretend that it’s not. There is a lot to learn about wigs and wig construction. Wig caps like wig styles is a matter of personal taste. Some of us have very sensitive scalps, little hair, or no hair, and some have a regular amount of hair, or nearly. That will certainly help dictate which caps and wigs that you buy. Some wig wearers shave their heads in summer (or all the time) and want as little between their scalp and wig as possible no matter the season. So, it is truly a very personal thing, and everyone is different.

   For me, it’s a short style, heat friendly, because I can’t tolerate the shine, and I find that in most cases, the shine is less with these type fibers. Though with some effort, the shine can be dealt with and with good results. I usually go with a rooted style with blended colors that work with my skin tones, age, and style. But it’s no good if you look great, but you’re so uncomfortable that you want to rip the wig off your head by noon. Wig liners can help with this, but some of us sweat more than others, and there is nothing we can do about that.

   Though I do prefer a mono top, I own several with wefts, and find they are cooler in the summer (air flow). So, I tend to gravitate to them if I am going to be outside for any length of time, or in places where the temperature is unpredictable. No matter how lovely we look in our wigs, if we aren’t comfortable, we won’t feel lovely.

   Now is the time to investigate, and maybe invest in some shorter styles. Most of us can wear them, and of course, the term “short” is relative. To me it’s anything above the chin, to others it’s anything above the shoulders, and still others who hear short and think boy-cut or pixie. So, there is likely a “short” style for you too. You, like myself, might find you like them more than you thought that you would.

   Don’t let summer weather get you down, and don’t let it make you give up your wigs! There is help. Visit the website and look for liners, maybe a new grip, and check out those short styles with the wefted cap.

   So, have you tried a short style yet? Do you have a cap preference? These are my most recent additions:

Classic Cool Wig by Raquel Welch 

Let's Rendezvous Wig by Raquel Welch 

   These are very versatile styles that will give you varied looks, and lengths, and I have enjoyed having them in my collection.

   I still tend to go back to my “favorite stand-by” because it always looks good and need so little fuss. Muse! My all-time favorite so far for looking good with minimal effort.

 Muse Wig by Raquel Welch 

Have fun finding your favorites and stay cool.

Until next time

Vickielynn (in Muse, shaded Cappuccino)

March 29, 2024 — Vickie Lynn