Need a short spiky pixie cut, if so Cortado Cut might be just the ticket! To be honest when I opened the box of this cute BelleTress style I was a bit concerned, Cortado Cut is super spiky and edgy; I wasn't sure I could pull it off but I was willing to give it a try because it is just so cute and I'm so glad I did! Cortado Cut is a true "out of the box" style, all you have to do is give it a good shake and go. 
The cap construction of Cortado Cut consists of a 100% hand tied lace front and a 100% hand tied mono center part. There is a good amount of permatease in this wig, it is needed to give it that cool spiky look! 
Cortado Cut is open wefted with closed ear tabs and adjusters (this allows for about 1/2 inch adjustment).
The specs for Cortado Cut are, bang 3, sides 6, nape 2.5; I love the short nape, it can easily be worn with collared shirts. Cortado Cut is made of heat friendly fibers, feel free to use your curling or flat iron (be sure to not go over 350 degrees). If this style is too spiky you it can be tamed by using a bit of styling cream and smooth it down a bit, I love the spiky edgy look of this one!
The color I reviewed is Mocha With Cream; Cortado Cut is part of the BelleTress Cafe Collection (named after the coffee culture). Mocha With Cream is described as light ash brown with hints of caramel brown with medium honey blonde highlights and dark brown rooting. The rooting on this cut give this color dimension, I love the dark roots and the dark nape.
The back of Cortado Cut is beautifully shaped, you can wear the sides forward or being the ears giving it a totally different look. The lace front gives you the option to wear it off the face or piece out the bangs and wear them forward. 
In my opinion just because a wig is short it can still be styled to give it a different feel from day to day. The photos above show a few of the different ways I styled Cortado Cut; just by adding a headband or clip you can really change up the look.
However you decided to wear this cute style, smooth or spiky, you can't go wrong with Cortado Cut by BelleTress!
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February 17, 2019 — Eileen Franklin