Wig Shown Above: Nicki Wig by Tony of Beverly in color Tahiti Blonde 

   Whether you plan a quiet family holiday at home, or a trip across the country or even to another country, your wigs will be a big part of the picture. We certainly don’t want to worry about our wigs along with all of the other holiday details we may be dealing with whether at home or traveling.

   There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to holiday wig-wearing that you don’t necessarily have to deal with on a daily basis otherwise. For example, wearing a non-heat friendly wig in a hot kitchen with family members or other visiting guests around. Opening and closing the oven can be a real concern if you are wearing a non-heat friendly wig. It’s important that you have a plan for how to manage that. You don’t want to ruin a good wig by getting too close to the oven heat or having to worry about your wig constantly.

   If you will be with people who don’t know you wear a wig, and you don’t plan to share that information, the easiest solution is to get a heat-friendly wig. Otherwise, you can do some sort of wrap, and tell visiting family and/or guests that you are protecting your hairstyle until dinner time when you can get out of the kitchen.

   If you are traveling, there is wig packing to think about. You will need to decide how many wigs to take, the best way to pack them, the best way to secure them, and the always question about will TSA detect the metal stays in the wig (not likely). Most people do what I do and carry a spare wig (or two) in Ziplock bags. They are protected and take up less space, and it’s easy for bag checkers to see what they are.

   Of course, there is another concern, and this is a personal one that each of us must decide on our own—do we take different wigs (styles/colors) or wig duplicates. Again, it depends on you, and where you will be going, staying, and if the same people will see you day after day. Obviously, if you want to stick with the decision to keep your wig-wearing to yourself, a wig and a spare duplicate makes the most sense. If you don’t mind sharing your wig journey with others, you can add more wig styles and/or colors to give yourself flexibility.

   Whatever you decide, wigs shouldn’t become a problem for us, but rather should make our lives easier and better. I cringe when I think of facing anyone with my thinning hair and trying to make it presentable. I am grateful for wigs and will not complain about the steps I need to take to keep them looking good.

   As you think about your holiday plans, don’t forget about your wigs.

Until next time,


November 17, 2023 — Vickie Lynn