Wig Shown Above: Ready for Takeoff Wig by Raquel Welch in color RL29/25 Golden Russet

   Is it time to make some changes in your life? Large or small, we all must make changes as life dictates. We update our clothes, cars, appliances, and most everything else. But how often do you think about your hair styles and colors specific to your aging process?

   As I cleaned out my closet for my annual spring-summer “let’s get this closet in shape” routine, where I put clothes in the donate bag, I kept seeing my stacked-up wig boxes there in the corner. Should I take a look at them too?

   If you are like me, you add wigs to your collection as new ones come out if one or more catch your eye. But have you noticed how easy it is to get into a rut with the styles and colors that you order? Well sure, we stay with the ones that we know work for us. Wigs are a serious financial investment, so we stick with the familiar. And of course, that is very tempting routine to continue year after year. But life happens, as they say. We get older for one thing, and the styles that looked good five years ago, or maybe just three years ago, may not flatter us as much now.

   Is it time to give up that longer wig that now seems to drag your face down? Is that golden blonde shade now too much of a contrast to your skin tone? Or is that “platinum blonde” shade washing you out? There is no one right answer, of course. We are all different, and we all age differently. But as a rule, our skin tones change, we lose that “bloom of youth” and our face shape can even shift a bit as we age, lose or gain weight. And we lose that wonderful skin bounce-back that we took for granted in our younger years. Our eyebrows and eyelashes can lose their thickness and color, and all of this often requires new skincare, new makeup colors, and the help of other things, like artificial eyelashes, and brows. So, what does this have to do with wigs, you might be thinking?

   As of today, I have about a dozen wigs sitting in boxes and two sitting on wig-stands. How many do I wear the majority of the time? I wear two wigs, ninety-eight percent of the time. Why? It’s because they are there, out and ready to use and I know all about them. I’m comfortable with them, the color, style and cap. I like them, the way they fit, and that these particular two are shorter and more low maintenance. There is nothing wrong with this except that it keeps me from really seeing myself when I look in the mirror. I have been stuck with certain styles and colors for so long, I don’t really see myself anymore as I am today, when I look in the mirror. So, I decided to do a bit of experimenting.

   I decided to take a few closeup (well, close enough) photos of myself wearing the same outfit, standing in the same location and in the same lighting but with one difference—I’d wear the wigs in my closet. The plan was to then send those photos to my best critic, my daughter. She’s kindly honest when I ask her to really tell me what she thinks. What she told me was that the board straight, below chin-length styles did me no favors. She did, however, tell me that I looked ten years younger in the Ready for Takeoff style by Raquel Welch in color RL17/23SS SHADED ICED LATTE MACCHIATO. This is one of the newest wigs for me. It’s one I bought for summer wearing mainly since it is short, has a great cap that with all the perks, and is a grab and go style. Everything that I love in the summer. It was also a new color for me, a bit lighter than the shaded cappuccino that I’m partial to in the Raquel Welch line.

   You can guess that I was happy to hear the you-look-younger part and will now buy another Ready for Takeoff wig as a backup and might get it in another color as well. Before this experiment, I thought it might be too short and the color might wash me out. Not true. It’s long enough to style in several ways, and the color complimented my now skin tone, and it did brighten up my face. A win-win.

   So, if you are stuck in memories of yesteryear, and what you thought was the right style or color for you, know that time does move on, and we must move with it. Besides, it is so much fun to get a new wig style and color. Is it time for you to move on too? Be brave.

   Until next time, I am truly ready for take-off as I plan my trip to England in the fall. You can bet that this wig will be on my head and a spare in the luggage.

Ready for Takeoff Wig by Raquel Welch


June 28, 2023 — Vickie Lynn