Wig Shown Above: Bay Wig by Amore in color Chocolate Twist

   First, let me say that I have made some of these mistakes. No matter how much we read and research, when first learning to wear a wig, it can be overwhelming. Fibers, heat or no heat, how to style, what products do I use…and so on. Lots of questions.

   I have tried to narrow the many questions down to similar categories of the most often repeated mistakes:

  1. Not learning about how to care for your wig when or before you get it.
  2. Not securing your bio hair properly (and there are several ways depending on how much hair you have.)
  3. Cutting the lace front before you have worn the wig—not knowing how to position the wig appropriately. Cutting the lace front is not generally recommended. They are made and attached to fit the cap. Some find that after they trim the lace it doesn’t lay properly, or the lace shreds after wear.
  4. As above, and this is a biggy—wearing the wig too far back on your head or letting it come too far forward is a huge red flag and nothing says “wig” faster than incorrect wig placement. Position the wig at your natural hairline (or what was your natural hairline if you have lost all your hair.) You can use the 4-finger method. Hold your four fingers against your forehead and the hairline should start approximately four fingers up from your eyebrows. Some people have high foreheads and may need to adjust a bit, but for most, it’s a good marker.
  5. Not utilizing products, or the right products, to help you style your wig. Being afraid to try products on the wig, and to work with the wig to make it more you. Not consulting a hairdresser that might help you learn to love the wig.
  6. Wanting “perfection” and not realizing that a wig that looks “too perfect” will…yes, look like a wig.
  7. Using adhesives incorrectly.
  8. Not matching your wig color with your bio hair and you bio hair shows around the sides. (Back to properly securing your bio hair). I pull my bio hair out on the sides for a more realistic look. And because I wear a rooted color that matches my bio hair it helps so very much. I don’t worry about the side coverage nearly as much. But there are ways to disguise the bio hair to avoid this issue. There are reviews that talk about this in detail. You can do a YouTube search or search for the topic on the FaceBook site.
  9. Not styling the wig at all. Trying to wear a wig right out of the box and expecting perfection. Rare that this would be the case. There are a few short wigs that are almost this easy, but every wig will need some attention once taken out of the box.
  10. Not understanding the many ways to secure a wig, and/or over-securing…combs, pins, glue, tape, band…. too much. Not understanding that you may not necessarily need to secure it. The only time I secure mine is with two bobby-pins when going to the dentist. I just happen to have a head that fits well with Raquel Welch wig caps.

   Like I noted earlier, I was guilty of some of these mistakes, especially at the beginning of my wig journey. Not being great at styling is still my biggest concern. I was slow to embrace products, but now, after watching Wig Studio 1’s great reviewers for some time, I have learned how to use the products to truly make the wig look like real hair, and it has made all the difference. I have the confidence now to tackle more intricate styles and don’t have to always get the grab-and-go styles…though I love them and have two out ready to go at all times.

   Life is too short to worry when we don’t have to. I hope every wig wearer comes to terms with their helper hair and comes to love it for what it is—a real asset to our lives. If something is worrying you and you have questions, please visit our Wig Studio 1 Facebook Group and/or call the customer support number at Wig Studio 1. The Facebook group is very supportive, and there is such a wealth of experience from the people in that group. I learn something almost every week. There is not much that I can think of that someone hasn’t already gone through, so your chances of finding an answer and help for most any question can be found there.

   As we slide on into summer, there are questions about traveling with wigs, as to be expected. You will find information on that on the Facebook group, as well as information about swimming in wigs, sleeping in wigs, going through airport security, and so on. You can Google the topic on the Facebook page, and it will pull up the applicable post, or just ask the question again in the group.

   I hope this gave you some ideas about finding resources for your questions, and about things to think about if you are new to the wig journey.

   Until next time, I’m sticking with my Ready for Takeoff! – or my much-loved Muse!

Muse Wig by Raquel Welch

Ready For Takeoff Wig by Raquel Welch



June 21, 2023 — Vickie Lynn