We are thrilled to unveil the latest additions to Ellen Wille's Top Power Collection! These seven new toppers encompass a range of styles, materials, and base sizes, catering to individuals at various stages of hair loss. From sleek human hair toppers to versatile heat-friendly synthetics, each piece is designed to empower and enhance your natural beauty.


Add In Topper by Ellen Wille

The Add In Hair Topper offers luxurious Remy human hair for a seamless blend, featuring a monofilament hand-tied base design for comfort and a natural look. Ideal for beginning to mid-progressive stages of hair loss with a polyurethane perimeter. Measuring just below 15 inches long for added volume and hair length. Elevate your confidence and style effortlessly with the Add In Hair Topper, where elegance meets convenience.



Impact Topper by Ellen Wille

The Impact Hair Topper features luxurious Remy human hair and a smaller base size, ideal for those with beginning stages of hair loss or just wanting additional volume. With a natural lace front and 100% hand-tied construction, it offers comfort and authenticity. Impact features a longer length of up to 17.75 inches.



Finesse Topper by Ellen Wille

Introducing the Finesse Hair Topper by Ellen Wille – designed for mid-stage hair loss. This medium-sized topper features heat-friendly synthetic fiber for versatile styling, a comfortable hand-tied base, and a polyurethane perimeter. Finesse is one of the longest topper options in the Top Power Collection measuring up to 22 inches for added length and volume. Elevate your confidence and style effortlessly with Finesse.



Galaxy Topp by Ellen Wille

Galaxy is a premium hair topper made with top-quality European Remy human hair. It features a lace front for a seamless look, a comfortable monofilament top with soft tulle, and is just over 13" in length. Ideal hair loss solution for beginning to mid-progressive stages of hair loss. Versatile and natural, Galaxy is your go-to solution for beautiful hair that blends effortlessly with your own. Shine like a star with Galaxy!



Stream Topper by Ellen Wille

Introducing the Stream topper for the Top Power Collection. This medium-sized topper features heat-friendly synthetic fiber that arrives with beautiful waves right out of the box. It boasts a lace front and lace top for a natural look, while the wefted back ensures comfort. This topper provides a longer length option of up to 17.5 inches for added versatility. Elevate your beauty effortlessly with the Stream Topper, where convenience meets elegance.



Superb Topper by Ellen Wille

Superb is a medium-sized topper designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It offers a light density and is crafted from the finest Remy human hair, delivering a natural, luxurious look. With its 100% hand-tied construction and Comfort Lace Front, this topper ensures both comfort and opulence. Elevate your style effortlessly with the Superb Hair Topper – a symbol of pure luxury.



Orbit Topper by Ellen Wille

Discover confidence and natural beauty with the Ellen Wille Orbit Human Hair Topper. Crafted from premium human hair, this hand-tied topper seamlessly blends for an undetectable, realistic appearance. Experience comfort and versatility with easy styling. Perfect for those seeking volume or dealing with hair loss, the Orbit Topper is your go-to solution for a quick and stylish transformation. Elevate your look effortlessly with Ellen Wille's renowned quality.


We cannot WAIT to see you all in these gorgeous Ellen Wille Toppers! Be sure to join our private Facebook group and share your selfies with us!

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February 07, 2024 — Mackenzie Silva