Living with Trichotillomania, also known as Trich, can be tough. Are there bigger problems in the world??  Sure there are. Too many, unfortunately. :( 

But as a child growing up with Trichotillomania, the life I lived inside my mind was one filled with anxiety, lack of self-confidence and constant self-loathing.

Why did I dislike myself so much? Looking back, I can see it was because I felt I should be able to stop pulling out my hair. I knew how hard it was to disguise my hair loss, so why continue to pull, right? Why would I continue to pull out my hair when I knew how much it set me back? Why couldn't I stop, even though I really wanted to? What was wrong with me?

So many questions back then, but not today. :) Thank goodness for the internet. The internet brought me to a whole new platform, one in which people from all across the globe people could communicate with each other. And I found that I wasn't alone. Did you know that it is estimated that 6-12 million people have Trichotillomania? And so many of those beautiful souls feel or felt the same way that I did growing up... alone, angry at themselves and wondering what was wrong with them? Not that I would ever want anyone to struggle, but finding others that had the same concerns and fears that I did empowered me to learn more about Trichotillomania and to not judge myself so harshly. 

If you are new to this community of "Trichsters", then welcome to the most amazing group of human beings. No, we are not perfect, and yes, we still pull (many of us), but I find a very common characteristic within us all. It is a heightened level of compassion for others, a willingness to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves, and a warrior bravery that exists inside like no other. :) 

To connect with some of these amazing people, click on the following Facebook links:

Beautiful Trichsters

Trichotillomania Support Worldwide

Trichotillomania Support

Trichotillomania Recovery

In honor of BFRB Week, I would like to thank those who have paved the way for those with Trichotillomania, to help others with Trich learn to love themselves and feel empowered to press forward. Thank you to the Trichotillomania Learning Center, now known as the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors, and the many amazing people that make up the organization. 

Happy BFRB Week to you all. May you love yourself even more this week than ever before! Happiness looks good on you!

Peace out....


Edited 01/08/2021: For information on Baby's and Toddlers that pull and / or eat their hair, please review What Can I Do to Stop My Baby From Pulling and Eating Their Hair? by Mom Loves Best. 



October 04, 2016 — Andrea Carlson