Wig Shown Above: Music Wig by Ellen Wille in color Champagne Rooted

   If you are anything like me, you like to change up your look—and that includes your wigs, as the seasons change. Those pixies and shorter styles may all be washed and boxed up, and out comes the longer styles. Of course, there is no wig-law saying you must box up anything for any season. Whether you wear short styles all year long (like I do), or they are all put away for the fall and winter season, we all like change now and then. It may still be summer and pretty darn hot, but I have high hopes fall will soon arrive. Yes, I dream of fall and new wigs.

   Now and then, when I can’t remember what wigs, I do have in my closet, I step over my storage boxes and go take a peek. I never fail to pull out one or two and try them on with the thought that I must have loved them at one time so why am I not wearing them? This logic usually ends up with me pulling out at least one of them to put back into my wig rotation.  We wig wearers are a unique bunch.

   Though I know that I will find a wig or two in my closet to pull out for the new season, I still want a NEW ONE! I know I’m not alone. I spend hours looking at the new styles and colors, researching, reviewing, trying to figure out if the color would suit me. Fortunately, WigStudio1 has some great reviewers, and a great Facebook page, and I often get to see the one I want on someone else. It’s also helpful to see the wig with the lighting used by whoever posts the pictures. I can then compare the color with what I have seen on the reviewers. Lighting can be tricky, so I find that is what I spend the most time on before I buy—picking the color. I have found the posts on the Facebook page to be very helpful in making my final decision.

   I don’t think there is a universally accepted logical reason for why we change our mind about some things. A dress, hairstyle, makeup, the color of our kitchen walls—you get the picture. But we do. I refuse to feel guilty about that. It would be very boring if we never changed anything. I think that goes for wigs as well. We can fall out of love or back in love with our wigs, and I do it all the time.

   As you think about what’s in your wig closet/collection, and you take the time to review it like I did, you might decide it is time for a new one—like I did. While contemplating your wig collection, if you decide there are wigs that you know you will never wear, please donate them. There are several places that will be happy to take them. They are much needed by the health care and cancer community because insurance doesn’t always cover all the costs. And unless it is cancer, a lot of insurance companies cover no cost. Also, there are women in shelters who are trying to re-start their lives who might need a wig and can’t afford it. So, if you have some that are in good shape but are just no longer your desired style or color, think about giving donation a try.

   I’m thinking about yet another Muse, my favorite, in yet another color. I know, I know, and I may be in a rut, but you know it when you find it!

   Until next time,

   VickieLynn in Muse (again)

August 31, 2023 — Vickie Lynn