Advanced French by Raquel Welch is an adorable textured boy cut with longer layers on the top and crown. Advanced French is a true wear right "out of the box" style, just give it a shake and go! 
Advanced French has built in volume making it very easy to wear and style, you can wear it full or sleek it down for a more smooth look. This wig is part of the Raquel Welch Signature Collection and is made of True2Life fibers, add some curls if you like! 
I have a 21 1/4 inch head circumference, these Signature Collection wigs are a tad large for me, making this wig good for average head sizes. 
The picture above shows SS Honey Ginger in different lighting to give you an idea of this beautiful color. Advanced French is available in 29 shades so there is something for everyone. SS Honey Ginger is described as blended shades of Medium honey blonde and medium amber blonde with medium brown roots. In my opinion the rooting is perfect on this wig, not too stark not too light, perfect! 
The cap construction for Advanced French consists of the Memory Cap III which molds to the shape of the head for a comfortable fit. This wig features a Sheer Indulgence 100% hand tied lace front that is totally natural looking! Also, there is silicone coated stretch lace for added comfort and fit. The cap is open wefted with closed ear tabs, as well as an extended felt nape with velcro adjusters.
The specs for Advanced French are, Front 4, Crown 4, Sides 1.75, Back 3.25 and Nape 1.75. The nape fits close to the neck due to the metal stays, you can lift and turn you head and the nape stays in place. 
You can easily add a headband or some pins to give this a different look, also by using a bit of styling cream you can add even more texture to this style. Check out Advanced French for a cute carefree style that is suitable for any and all occasions!
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September 26, 2018 — Eileen Franklin