Welcome to the Wigstudio1 blog, I'm Eileen, the CrazyWigLady. Sometimes I think the best styles are the ones that have been around awhile and continue to be best sellers. Codi XO by Amore (part of the Amore XO collection) is one of those tried and true styles! This chin length angled bob is right on trend and works on so many face shapes. The longer front is 5.7 inches so hits the face in a flattering spot (my face is 9 inches from hairline to chin). The crown is 7.9 and the nape is 1.6 inches, making it short enough that you don't have to worry about the ends fraying from friction on your clothes. Its short nape is one reason this is a pick for fall weather, you can wear this with turtlenecks, high collars and jackets and the fibers will stay nice for a very long time. 

Let's take a moment to talk about this dynamic color, honey wheat. I was hesitant at first as I usually gravitate toward blonde and grey, however, I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried honey wheat. First, this is a non rooted shade that consists of a light brown base with honey blonde highlights. I love how bold and chunky the highlights are in this color! The contrast between the darker brown and the honey blonde is so striking and well done, it has a "just walked out of the salon" vibe. Also, Amore concentrated the highlights around the face which is always a flattering look. 

The cap for Codi Xo is gorgeous. Look how large that double mono top is! Of course this features not only allows you to part it anywhere within that region it also provides a very natural look, just like hair is growing right out of your scalp. The cap has silicone on the ear tabs and along the front hairline; this is wonderful if you do not have any hair as they will help keep the wig in place. Codi XO does not have a lace front, that is totally fine for this wig as you don't need it, the bang falls in a way that a lace front isn't necessary. The ear tabs are closed lace and have stays, be sure to make sure your ear tabs are always flat against your head. The density of this wig is very low, I really could not detect any permatease at all, making this a very sleek look. I don't think you could get much lift in this style, it is meant to wear straight and sleek. The cap is wefted, however, there is a soft mesh fabric that covers the wefts, again this is great for someone with no hair or a sensitive scalp, this cover is super soft and comfortable. Also, I found this style to have a good bit of stretch so if you have a larger head circumference this style might work for you.

Above is another look at this beautiful shade, honey wheat, and a look at the back of this wig. 

 As I said earlier, Codi XO does not have a lace front but that doesn't mean you can't style it in different ways! This head band looks adorable on this style as well as a simple clip to pull it off your face. Codi XO is also eye glass approved, I have no issue wearing my glasses with wigs. To wrap this up, Codi XO is a sleek, low density bob that works, it just works!! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today, please go to Wigstudio1.com for all the Amore styles. Also, don't forget to join us on Instagram where we post at least twice daily. I will insert the full video review of this style below if you want to have a look at it. Thanks again, I'll see ya next time and remember, "we're all in this together"!




September 26, 2020 — Eileen Franklin