Wig Shown Above: Brighton Wig by Estetica in color Sunlit Blonde 

   This is a common complaint among new wig wearers. If like myself in the early stages, I had unrealistic expectations, and maybe you do too. I know what it’s like to try a wig and be disappointed. Thinking back, whether it was my lack of homework—did I understand about fibers, cap construction, and care—or was I caught up in how the model looked?

   Becoming a seasoned wig wearer, one who has confidence in what to buy, what colors and styles work best on you, takes time. Like anything new, you can’t start out an expert. You must allow yourself to make a few mistakes, no matter how much you think you have researched things. It’s all about giving yourself a bit of grace, time, and space to find the right wig, one that feels right to you, and one that compliments you, your complexion, and your face shape. This won’t happen overnight. But there are ways to shorten the learning curve.

   There is general theme among new wig wearers who have become frustrated and think they will never make the transition. No one told them about the learning curve. Things might have been different if they would have given themselves more time to do research, or ask for help, and to understand it is a journey not a sprint. Learning to buy a wig, the right wig(s) is a skill. Like any other skill, it takes time to master it.

   Reading comments and learning about the disappointments was hard for me because I had been there too. I wanted to give all those ladies a hug and say, “it’s because it is all so new—it feels like too much hair, the color might not be the best fit, or the style, and you are not used to wearing something on your head—but it will get better with time. Don’t cheat yourself out of something great without giving it a real chance.”

   One bad wig experience does not mean you will never be able to wear wigs comfortably. Even several bad experiences don’t mean failure. Yes, wigs are expensive and can be intimidating to work with at first. But you can make friends with your wig and make it your own. Once you claim it, you can begin to work with it. Also, you need to manage your expectations. Everyone’s head (and neck length) is a bit different in size and shape, and you will eventually find the wig brands and caps that work best for you, and that will make your journey much easier. Also, please remember that your wig can be modified.

   A lucky few will take to wig wearing right away and have all kinds of fun trying new styles and colors. But most of us go down a different path. We struggle to learn about wig fit, the different wig caps, the difference in the fibers, wig care, colors, and sizes—it can be overwhelming.

   In my field, writing, we have “tags” for the different kinds of writers: Plotter or "pantser" (flying by the seat of your pants adage—the opposite of the plotter). I think the same idea can be applied to learning about wigs. Did you start researching all about wigs, view hundreds of videos, pictures, research manufacturers, talk to wig wearers, find wig blogs (a plotter)? Or did you find a local wig boutique and go in and trust the person there to just tell you what you should wear? Or did you go all out pantser and just order a wig on-line that looked good to you because it looked good on the model? Maybe it was something in-between these actions, but you get my point. Did you approach wig wearing in a more thought-out process or did you make an emotional decision?

   Refuse to accept failure and disappointment about wig wearing. If thousands of people can do it, so can you. So, whether you are a plotter or pantser, keep trying because the right wig is out there waiting for you. Before you know it, you will have a collection of your own. The day will come when you look at your wigs and you will be happy that you have options.

   Until next week, take a look at the wigs on sale now (and ongoing) and maybe start there. If you are not sure about style or color, ask for help. There is a world of expertise at Wig Studio1. There are wonderful blogs, videos, and all kinds of great resources. And remember, we are all in this together. Pass it on.

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April 19, 2024 — Vickie Lynn