Hi Friend, 
I personally have lived with Trichotillomania for almost 38 years. WigStudio1.com was founded to assist all people suffering from all types of hair loss, but if you happen to be struggling with Trichotillomania, please know that you are not alone.  It is estimated that 6 - 12 million people suffer from Trichotillomania in the United States.  
My hope by creating this online store was to offer not only wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces to help assist with covering thinning or bald areas, but to also offer support and encouragement.  Whether you suffer from Alopecia, Trichotillomania or hair loss due to chemotherapy or a medical condition, we are here to help. :)
I imagine for someone with a full head of their own hair, buying a wig would be fun!  But when you are buying one because you need to cover something up, all you really want is your own hair to just grow in.  I understand that.  In fact, up until a few years ago, I wouldn't even consider wearing a wig.  Now I have a large collection of my own that I wear all of the time!  I love them now!  I found that putting a wig on made me feel beautiful again, and when I felt that way, I was more productive on every level everyday.  I had the hair I always wanted... instantly!  And I love that!  
You are bold... You are beautiful.... You are fearless!  You deserve to feel your best.   
I look forward to helping you find a style, whether it be a wig, hair extensions or a beautiful hair piece to compliment your existing hair, to help you feel beautiful, until it is your time to heal.  Visit me at www.WigStudio1.com.
Shine on, Ladies...