Welcome back to the CrazyWigLady blog here at Wigstudio1.com. I'm excited to show you a style that has been around awhile but in a very new color, Smoky Rose. Estetica Designs Jett is a best seller and we all know why, its adorable, a true "out of the box" style that you can throw on and go, in my book it's a classic! I first reviewed Jett a few years back and fell in love with this sort sassy style, when I got the opportunity to review it again in a fun fashion color I couldn't wait! Right now fashion colors are all the rage, why not try one? In my opinion, Smoky Rose is a wearable color; if you have been wanting to try a pink but like me you are afraid it might not be age appropriate, I would encourage you to have a look at Smoky Rose. The color is soft enough to not be too "out there" for those of us that are a bit older but still want to be a little trendy. 

I'm going to insert a few styling ideas, you can never go wrong with a headband, a small clip and don't forget to pick up some styling cream, this one will love it! A very small amount is all that is need to create texture and separation of the fibers.


Jett features a beautiful lace front that allows this style to be worn on or off the face.

Above are photos of Estetica Designs Jett in Smoky Rose in outdoor lighting. Estetica describes this color as Platinum blonde & rosewood blend with a soft warm glow. As I've said before we all see color differently, I don't think this is a smoky color, it is more of a rose gold blonde with some pink strands throughout. It is a beautiful color but it isn't smoky (in my opinion). Below are some photos of Smoky Rose in indoor lighting.

 Now let me show you the inside of the cap for Jett.



Look at that deep lace front, it is undetectable! There is some permatease in the top so you can get lift and really spike this up! Jett has closed ear tabs with stays, open wefted an open extended nape with velcro adjusters. The specs are bang 4.25, side 1.5, crown 3, nape 1.75. I love the short nape, it stays close to the neck and does not lift when moving your head. Also, this style fit me large, I have a 21 1/4 inch head circumference, by using the adjusters I was able to get a great fit. If you decide Smoky Rose isn't for you Jett is available in 23 shades, there is something for everyone! If you would like to see my full video review of this style and color please click here. Also, please don't forget to join us in our private Facebook Group, Wigstudio1 Wig and Topper Support Group, we have wig sales every Sunday and live sales twice a month. We are also on Instagram where we post twice daily. Thanks for stopping by the blog and I'll see ya next time!