Wig Shown Above: Tandi Wig by Envy in color Medium Grey

   As I wrote about it this time last year, when the big push to embrace gray seemed to be gaining in popularity, not much has changed. It is still with us and so is that need to find the right shade of gray. Encouraged by the ever-growing selection of beautiful gray wigs, we now have more options than ever—and that sometimes makes it harder to decide. I will be the first to admit that I had not given going gray much thought before last year.

   The more I got into researching the gray wigs, the more I knew I had to learn. Gray, silver, white, or any combinations of these are all choices now. Big changes are not always easy, no matter how much we might want them. As I considered going gray, I faced two big questions: 1. How can I or anyone make such a drastic change with ease? Should we just do it, go from one color to a shade of gray overnight, or should we ease into it with a transition color—or two? (For me, it turned out that I needed a transition color and time. 2. I do I figure out the best shade(s) of gray for me?

   If you do decide to “just go for it” get help if you think you need it—learn what brands carry the wig styles and cap construction that you prefer if you are new to wigs. If you already know all about caps, styles, brands, and what works best for you, then you are ahead of the game. All you need to decide is if the colors you are considering are found in the styles that you like…or is it time to re-visit other styles that might have colors that you love?

   Tips from the professionals about choosing a color/shade and style:

  • Go for a soft color, and one with dimension. Nothing screams “fake” like a flat solid root-to-tip color with no variation. Also, if we choose a silver, gray, or white, I think it’s to our advantage to pick one with some other colors in it to help hide any wefting.
  • Color should always be multi-tonal, especially as you age. That is true for blondes as well.
  • Remember, in most cases, we lose a “plumpness” in our faces as we age. The styles that looked good on us at thirty might look a bit harsh now. Example: a too blunt bob, close to the jawline and with no layering can be a very severe look.
  • Go for a layered style, and one a little below the jawline.
  • Tone—is so important, and it’s crucial that wig wearers learn how to care for their wigs to protect the wig’s color/tone. Remember that we are dealing with fibers. They can be damaged in different ways from our hair, and they need different kinds of protection.

   Going gray does not mean we must go shorter. We can still find wigs in gray tones that are longer. But if you do decide to go short or shorter, remember to pick a style that flatters your face shape. Ask yourself if your style makes your face look younger or older. Does the too long hair pull the face down? Would you look better with a shorter, more face flattering style?

   Once you find the right one, don’t be afraid to claim you color—and don’t be afraid of shades of gray! It’s all about the shade/tone, color and style.

   If you had rather take the plunge more slowly, there are some lovely options. Most all the major brands are now making gray color options.

   Skin Tone! We must not forget that our skin tone will play a big role in how we look in these shades of gray, silver or white. Yes, it is ever important as we age because our skin tone changes. Know your skin tone as it is NOW and that will help you key in on colors/shades that will look best on you. For example, if you have a cool skin tone you likely already know that ashy colors, shades of honey, beige, and gray work well for you. Just remember, the tone and color gradient and dimension are the keys for gray shades just as it is for any color. Flat equals fake.

These are just two of my favorites, but there are many more to consider.


Ready for Takeoff Wig by Raquel Welch

Cara 100 Deluxe Wig by Ellen Wille 

Until next time, here I am thinking that I might go gray…maybe silver.

VickieLynn – in RW, Muse, in shaded cappuccino, the color before my current transition color, Shaded Iced Latte Macchiato.  Working my way toward one of the two listed

December 15, 2023 — Vickie Lynn