Wig Shown Above: Gisele Wig by PUSH in color Brulee

WigStudio1 is excited to show off the new PUSH line of high-quality human hair and synthetic wigs. These wigs offer a unique and luxurious experience for those in search of exquisite wigs of unparalleled quality and inclusive accessibility.

Why are these wigs so special? You will find wigs that have the look of natural hair and tailored to your personal style. Push Wigs, where elegance meets innovation.

The human hair wigs are true standouts. They feature 100% Remy European hair, French Silk Tops, and customizable lace fronts.

If you have been longing for a human hair wig and want a way to make your look special—then PUSH HAIR is going to make you very happy.

We have added six new styles to our line that will be featured this month, January 2024. If you have not gotten to know PUSH HAIR, now is a great time to get acquainted. Find one that speaks to you and know that you are getting quality and something truly special.

When we developed this new line, we thought of the things we wanted in a wig. We all want the same things: naturalness, comfort, ease of wear, and to be able to wear our wigs with grace and confidence.

The synthetic wigs are truly special, and we will take a look at those too. But for now, let’s talk about human hair—what is it that makes these wigs exceptional? As with everything, the decision to invest in human hair starts with the individual. We all have different likes, dislikes, needs, and budgets. But the more we know about the differences, the better the decision-maker we become.

Understanding and caring for all wigs and the human hair difference:

As we know, all wigs need care, and some more than others. There are those high-quality human hair wigs that require different care than would a synthetic wig with a wefted cap. There are those that can take the heat of tools, and those who can’t. There are those, like hand-tied that require a more careful handling when washing as to not loosen the fibers from the cap. Every wig type is going to be a bit different.      

How to---and how often to…Wash a Human Hair Wig (This will also be covered in more detail in the next blog).

The experts usually recommend that the wig be washed and conditioned every 6 to 8 wears. This will vary by time worn, a few hours vs. ten to twelve hours a day every day, etc. Things to consider also: Does your head sweat? Do you have a good cap fit so that your scalp is not irritated?

The thing most wig wearers forget is that human hair needs moisture, and in the case of wigs, you must provide that consistently for the best outcome. Never soak/submerge your wig. Rinse by holding under cool running water, allowing it to run from roots to ends Don’t forget the conditioner! Follow the recommendations for the conditioner. That usually means letting it set for a minute or two. Before rinsing under cool, running water. Also, it’s important that conditioner only be applied from mid-shaft to ends. Do not apply it to the base or cap, as that affects the integrity of the wig and may result in shedding. Make sure that you choose products formulated for color-treated hair and follow the instructions when using a deep conditioner/treatment. No squeezing or twisting, pat dry with soft towel and hang on wig stand. If you plan to blow dry the wig, or use heat on the wig, be sure to add a heat protectant.

Additional recommendations for your human hair wig

  • Most agree that human hair needs to be washed or rinsed prior to wearing.
  • Have a professional do any cuts or chemical processes.

So, what does all of this mean for you? If you have decided to make the investment, human hair wigs can be as close to having your biological hair back as we might get. Along with the look of real moving, true feeling of biological hair, you get the comfort of an exceptionally made cap. If that wasn’t enough, you get some color choice that will make you think twice about that big color decision.

More to come! We will have more details about the care of the human hair wig in the next blog, “frequently asked questions” and also take a peek at the beautiful synthetic wigs in this PUSH line. We will also have a blog that will focus on all the new styles and colors…so much to be excited about! Stay tuned.

Until the next blog,

Stay warm and take a look at PUSH HAIR on the website.


January 25, 2024 — Vickie Lynn